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Jonas Matthew- 2 months

2 months Stats: 10 pounds 10 ounces (90%)

25 inches long (10%)

15 inch head circumference

Mr. Jonas is 2 months old today! He had his 2 month check up yesterday. The Dr was very impressed with what a good baby he is. He smiled and cooed and has the strength and alertness of a 3-4 month old. That’s my son!

He’s growing wonderfully and the doctor remarked on what a big boy he is. Unfortunately he’s still not gaining weight like he should. It’s not cause for alarm, Dr said, but his reflux could be to blame. So Mr. Jonas has his first prescription and he has to take it twice a day for two months. Hopefully this will help his reflux. The doctor said if it’s not treated it could cause more severe problems later (which gave me chills as I think Jaden is having some of those severe problems. More on that some other time.).

About his little tongue: Nothing new. It’s up to us if we want to clip it. Dr’s daughter is 15 and just had hers clipped because she couldn’t play the flute properly. I’m thinking we’re going to set up an appointment after the first of the year when I get my PTO back and can take the whole day off to be with him while he recovers. It’s not a major surgery or anything but he’ll be uncomfortable and want his mommy. At least that’s what my Mommy Ego is telling me.

My goodness is he becoming such a fun little boy. He’s all chatty and smiley and playful. The doctor says in the next couple months he’ll be reaching for things and grabbing and trying to turn over. Last night he was already trying to reach towards his toys hanging down on his jungle mat. He’s so advanced.

Gramma is very taken with him. The first couple weeks in daycare were a little rough but now that they know eachother all I hear is about what a good boy he is and he’s so happy.  I beam and say he’s like that at home too.

He’s sleeping in his crib every night although he’s still waking up during the night. We’re still tweaking the schedule. Last night he woke just once for a bottle but his shots from the doctor’s office may have made him more sleepy. Or he may have woken up earlier and I slept through it. I’m hoping he’s just getting better about sleeping through the night. I am a glutton for false hope.

Let’s see…what else. Oh, he eats ALL the time. Like 3-4 ounces every two hours. However, it could be he’s eating because it makes his reflux riddled tummy feel better. Hopefully the medicine will start working soon so he can start gaining weight and we can get a little more rest between feedings!

That’s about it. Jonas has definitely fallen into his place here in the family and getting past the “newborn” stage and jumping feet first into Infanthood.

Happy Two Months, Wonderboy!


3 Responses

  1. Oh my god, I can’t believe those pictures! When did he stop looking like such a newborn and start looking like such a little person??? Tell him to slow down; I can’t keep up. He’s getting too cute and I’m in danger of head explosion.

  2. I’ll be sure to let him know he’s affecting your health so negatively.

  3. the happy baby jonas picture just made my night. thank you, little J.

    i get to hold him soon! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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