Lock and Load*

So many updates now. I’d digging the “Familial Update” format. Let’s start with the kids this time as that’s what everyone cares about.

8 weeks old

8 weeks old

Jonas: Cute. Very cute and 8 weeks old now. 8 weeks! He’ll be two months old on Saturday. My little man.

I’ve decided he really is a good baby. He’s happy all the time unless he’s hungry or tired. When he’s not eating or sleeping, he’s smiling. Sometimes we have to coax him into smiling by playing with his cheeks (those cheeks!) but usually he just has to be laying on his changing table or chair or lap or anything where he can be facing you. Last Wednesday I picked him up from MIL’s and as soon as he heard my voice he started smiling. First time he smiled in recognition, at least that I’d caught. My motherly pride swelled and I scooped up my little man and exclaimed in that high pitched voice only mothers and grandmothers can get away with that I was so happy to see him too. He’s not laughing yet but the cooing is certainly good enough for now.



I’d been testing his willingness to sleep in his crib by placing him in his moses basket at night. This past weekend he took his naps in his crib. He fussed a little bit but generally went right to sleep with no real issues. SO I took the big leap and had Matt put

him in his crib at bedtime. He was AWESOME! He woke up around midnight but went right back to sleep with his pacifier and some gentle patting on his tummy. He woke again around 3 for a bottle then slept right through until it was time to wake up for the day. Last night was a little rougher because he had some gas (kick kick kick, cry, toooooooooooot) but we’re not giving up. It’s very nice sleeping in a bed without children. Sure it means that at any given moment one of the adults is either sleeping with the 3 year old or tending to the infant but still. The few hours in bed without the kids is AWESOME!

Big boy!

Big boy!

(side note: It is fricken FREEZING in that house at 2am. I may need to get some warmer jammies)

Jonas still amazes people with how strong he is. MIL was out with him and someone thought he was three months old because of how alert he was and how much head control he’s got already. He likes to stand up too, obviously with help from us but his little legs just stick straight out. I have a feeling he’ll be early on all his physical milestones. I hold my children to unattainable standards. It’s called good parenting.

Not as innocent as she appears

Not as innocent as she appears

Jaden: Speaking of unattainable standards, please don’t compare your three year old to mine. You’ll just end up feeling bad about yourself. Jaden is amazing. I’ve mentioned her story telling. We finally got one on film:

Jonas has become Mr. Jonas not just with me but with his big sister as well. Yesterday she said in her same sweet voice, “Hey, Mr. Jonas.” We have this thing where we cheer for him. You know that stadium cheer they do at high school sporting events? “Let’s go Rebels!” and the drums kick in: Ba ba bababa? We do that with Jonas: “Mr. Jonas! Ba ba bababa.” Now all I have to do is the “Mis-ter Jo-nas.” And Jaden finishes with the simulated drums.

She’s not jealous at all anymore it would seem. She fawns over him and comments about how cute he is. Whenever she sees me bringing Jonas in to change his diaper she tells me to “be careful with my brother and don’t hurt him.” I’ve never given her cause to think I’m harming him. She’s just being a good big sister.

As much as she loves him, she still requests our presence without Jonas sometimes, usually at bedtime. But last night she asked for both me and Jonas. I melted.

Pre-school was harder this past week. Not quite the easy drop off as the week before. But she got a Disney Princess water bottle!! OMG! HOW COOL!!!

Ahem. That was sarcasm. You see until that point Jaden had not owned one Disney Princess brand item. She has the movies (well, technically I have the movies as all except the Little Mermaid were purchased before she was born) and one Ariel doll. The whole Disney Princess thing bothers me. Oh for the usual “little girls are princesses” bull crap that plagues all little girl toys but also for the blatant marketing ploy which, yes, it’s Disney so I should be immune by now.

Here’s my point: What did the little boys in her class get? I don’t know. I didn’t think to ask Jaden. I’m guessing some Pirates of the Caribbean or Spiderman crap. So we’re spending $268 a month for gender role stereotyping and monster cold viruses. SCORE!

On the flip side, she’s named her toy dinosaurs “Poo-poo” and “Stinky” and she wants to be a robot for Halloween.

That’s my girl! Be a little girl but embrace that inner geek. Do I sound contradictory? Little girls are little girls and little boys are little boys. They’re going to have they’re own likes and dislikes that may or may not fall into each perspective category. OOH! I just realized something. Maybe each of the kids got to choose what little water bottle they wanted and Jaden chose the princess one. THAT’S ok and completely acceptable because the kids would have been given a choice and not had some gender stereotype thrust upon them.

We’ll cling to that hope and move on.

Showing me how to hold the camera horizontally.

Showing me how to hold the camera horizontally.

I said we’re moving on. Stop questioning my logic. I don’t question yours.

Matt: Hee hee. Matt’s been having cell phone issues. It all start Saturday while he was off at a beer festival and I was home with the kids trying out new napping techniques and playing Chutes and Ladders with a three year old who has learned what “winning” is and will accept nothing less (oh, yes. I’m the best wife ever.). He’d decided to stay at a friend’s house until the buzz wore off so he could drive home. Around 10:30 the phone rang. There was nobody on the line. I hung up and went back to sleep. 10 minutes later, it rang again. I answered and nobody was there. I called Matt, “Are you calling home?” “Am I? I’m sorry, babe.” “Whatever. Just stop it.” He got home around 1:30 (scaring the living crap out of me as I’d gotten up to get a bottle for Jonas and came back in the room to find a half naked man sprawled across my bed helping the baby.) and at 4:30 his phone started calling home again, ringing once then hanging up. Matt was in the bathroom and his phone was next to the bed. It called twice.

On Sunday is when the phone started doing some majorly weird things. It would just start cycling through whatever screen he was on and he was unable to properly use it for anything. He couldn’t browse the because it would take me to invalid sites, meaning it would look for the web address before Matt was finished typing it in the browser. Then, it would not let him send text messages. Every time he hit the 7, 8, 9 keys it would send the first letter he touched to whatever number he was texting. He tried to dial a new number and it would not let him enter more than 5 digits before it would automatically call that 5 digit number. The menu screen, the MyFaves, and the address book would open and close at will. He could not get it to stop. The little roller ball thing wasn’t working either. After a lot (a LOT) of cursing and damning of his phone, he finally decided to shut it down for the night. He said he’d swing by the T-mobile store after work and see if they could fix it.

I called him Monday to check his status (ok, Matt and his dad had traded cars for the day and his dad had locked the key in the car so I was calling Matt to see if he had his other key on him. Which he did.) and he informed me that during the day his phone had started muting and un-muting during conversations, taken so many pictures that his memory was now full and had randomly assigned my mother’s picture to 5 phone numbers in the “w” section of his address book. At this point we were both laughing because it was just getting silly. T-mobile’s fix? Give Matt a business card for Blackberry.

Last night when we went to bed it started calling home again. Today it started muting again and hung up on someone in the middle of a conversation.

Good times.

Me: I’ve been invited to a little “Girls Only” gathering that a friend is putting together. It sounds really fun: brunch followed by horse back riding and then over to my friend’s house. There we will each be creating a page to put in a scrap book. If this turns into an annual thing we’ll create a new page every year reflecting who we are at this point in time. Doesn’t that sound neat? I thought so. Unfortunately I’m having a hard time figuring out who I am right now at this time. First thing I thought of was “pics of the kids, the house and my husband.” Then I got scared. There’s more to me than that, isn’t there? I’m more than a wife and mother, right? I voiced my concerns to Matt on the way into work and he suggested my writing. But I don’t even write anymore, just this blog. However, that takes up a vast majority of my free time and I enjoy it so, ok. Blogging. What else? I enjoy The Sims…ok I’ll put that in there too. But I need more! Who is Marcoda? I can’t scrap book “Sarcastic”! Then I remembered that I just this week joined a book club! YES! There is more to me! Thank you, Jessie, for inviting me. Sure the Girls Day is before my first official meeting of the book club but I have the book and I’ve started reading it so as long as I’m still reading it this weekend, I’m part of the club and it can go on my sheet. Take that, Marcoda! You thought you were just a mom and wife.

Not that that’s a bad thing by any means.

*I think this every time I attach my bottles to my shields. Makes me feel bad ass and gets the girls in the right frame of mind.


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