Girls overboard*

Last night my husband took me out to dinner to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of his marriage proposal. Yes, he is that sweet. And yes, he remembered, not I. After spending 30 minutes driving around the good-sized suburb looking for a place to eat and singing commercial jingles (“That’s Jared’s”, “Auto-glass specialists. We’re the guys in the little red truck”.) in response to all the chain stores we saw, we ended up at Biaggi’s. Yum yum yummy yum. We had a lovely dinner that included glasses of wine from Stella, Italy. I then decreed that we needed to get a small dog and name her Stella so I can yell “STELLA” across the neighborhood. Matt wasn’t amused. I don’t know why. We got back home a little after 9, jokingly entertaining the idea of kicking the sitters and the baby into the basement while we had some “us time”. We did not do that. We have some sense of decorum. Jeez. Godfather Jason and his soon to be live-in girl friend, Andrea, did a great job watching the kids. Jaden was an angel who went to bed without incident; Jonas had a bit of a cranky period but fell asleep in Jason’s arms, clutching the thumb and forefinger of his godfather’s right hand with his cute teeny baby hands. Jason changed his first diaper ever. How he made to 27 without changing a diaper while having several nieces I’ll never know.


It has been a LONG time since Matt and I went to a nice dinner. Nice meaning not a sports bar or fast food joint. It was very nice. And very Expensive (*choke* “So that’s why we don’t go out very often.”). We reminisced about life B.C. (Before Children) and while we miss that part of our lives, life AC (After Children. You’re catching on to my lingo. Good job.) is fun too.


We also talked about packing emergency survival kits and kicked around the idea of having dinner at REI to sample their wide selection of dehydrated foods. Turns out we’ve both wanted to have an emergency kit ready in case Shit Goes Down (for whatever reason. Nuclear Fallout, Zombies,What have you.) and it was nice to bring it out in the open. Matt chose to bring out in the open with Jason and Andrea in front of Jaden while she was eating her mac n cheese, blissfully unaware that Daddy was planning for the End Times. (that whole sentence sounds way naughtier than I intended.) I asked Matt to, in the future, refrain from any Doom’s Day talk around the children. I just don’t think they need to worry about that kind of stuff. I also can understand why it may not have seemed like a big deal to talk about this in front of the three year old. It’s easy to dismiss young children as not paying attention or not understanding what the grown ups are talking about. However, kids pick up and understand much more than we give them credit for and I’m trying to keep that in mind when we do talk. I’m not trying to hide things from them, I just think we’re getting to the point where we need to distinguish “Kid-friendly talk” and “Grown-up talk” in more ways than simply “no cursing.”


Funny, this was going to be a post about cute kids stuff. That’s twice in one day that I’ve kicked my kids to the curb writing wise. Hmmm. What does this say about me?


In other news: I’m so tired. I’ve reached “loopy”. I just held up a pic of Jaden and Jonas and said, “I’m Jonas. I’m so serious. I’m seriously considering crying for more milk.” and laughed hysterically. It’s still funny.


As Jessie suggested, I need to go back to yelling “stella” at random.


*SO not used to having crazy amounts of cleavage. To be honest, they’re the real reason I’m continuing this whole pumping thing.


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  1. Hey i got a funny kid story…the other night after Tysons bath i towel dried his hair and it was messy and he looks in the mirror and says “mommy my hair looks hidious” LOL i was laughing so hard then paused trying to figure out where he had learned that word….then proceeded to laugh again!

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