Litter Box of crap*

As I was gearing up to head downstairs for another fun fill pumping adventure a sudden thought occured to me: If I can schedule 20 minute pumping sessions 6 or 7 times a day, why can’t I carve out that same amount of time for exercise? Obviously this would have to be AFTER I’m done with this whole pumping thing forever (and ever) because I cannot carve out an additional 20 minutes a day right now. BUT, I need to start planning for the future now. What can I do in 20 minutes twice a day that does not require any equipment and will tone my tummy? I need suggestions, people. Please Help!


*Any surface of my home will become a catch all for anything and everything. Nothing is safe!


3 Responses

  1. you know … i did have an article with post preggo exercises’ that only require 15-20 minutes but it was in the magazine that you refuse to read because you swear that the children are air brushed 😛

  2. buy an exercise ball. i know you said no equipment but them shits are amazing.

  3. I’ve got a couple preggo yoga books, with good tummy muscle toning post partum exercises in them. They’re up for grabs if you want them!!!

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