Sometimes my headphones are on but my ipod isn’t*

Few things that have been floating around my little head. Ha, little head! My kids got “big head” genes from both sides. But our gene pool is not in question right now. The few things floating around in the gene pool are. Or something.


I need more coffee.


Thing 1: I’ve been trying to figure out a way to showcase Jaden’s blossoming photography without having to manage a whole separate website account (i.e. Flickr). Last night the big “duh” hammer hit me and I realized I can create a new page right on this blog for her pics. So that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t believe I can create separate posts on the new page (I’ve tried for other things and quickly abandoned the attempt. Perhaps site capabilities aren’t the issue but rather my attention span and determination.) so I will just throw the pics on the page with the date it was taken. All pics posted will not be altered in any way and are truly in fact taken by Jaden. I cannot emphasize this enough. My girl is really this talented. You’re just itching to see these pics, aren’t you? Well you’ll just have to wait until I (again) drag my ass downstairs and upload them. You may want to take care of some house hold chores while you wait. It could be awhile.


Thing 2: SPEAKING OF HOUSEHOLD CHORES! (great unintended seque) My List is slowly diminishing! Jaden’s summer clothes have all been packed (just in time for Indian Summer.) and her toys and books have been switched around with some in the family room. Matt completely reorganized the storage room and I am giddy with love for my Sinus Infected Man. He even cleaned off the computer desk and I’ve never even showed him my list or told him it was on it! I still have quite a few things on my list but some of the bigger more pressing things have been taken care of. I’m still aiming to do one thing on my list every day and with the exception of yesterday (Big Bang Theory premiere. We were allowed a night off. Except once again Matt upstaged me by doing the dishes. I don’t even know when he did them. I came upstairs and the dishwasher was going. Perhaps Polly did them in a new Attention Seeking Tactic.) so I’m thinking tonight I’ll finally bring the Maternity Clothes and Clothes From My Cousin For Jonas That Are Two Years Too Big For Him down stairs. Simple tasks, yes, but ones that keep getting pushed back. No longer! I shall smite both the No Longer Useful and th Not Yet Useful Clothes Beasts while continuing to ignore the Mountain of Clean Laundry in my living room. Clothes Beasts come and go but Laundry Mountains are forever.


Isn’t my life exciting? I don’t know why my readership isn’t in the 100s by now.


Thing 3: Quick Jonas update: He’s filling out nicely and is starting to lose his malnourished new born look. This morning he was all disrobed except for his diaper and I could really see it. He’s entering cuddly rolly-polly baby territory! YAY! And he was smiling and cooing like crazy. I swear that this distraction was not the reason I was 30 minutes late to work. We got out the door on time despite all the cute-babyness that was going on. My lateness was due to morons who freak out in tiny rain storms. Not storm, SPRINLING. Whatever. I’m past it. (shakily gripping cup of coffee…)


Thing 4: Quick Jaden update: Matt and I agree it’s time for her to learn how to play the drums for real. She bangs on them, sure, but last night she was playing the bass drum, the tom, and the cymbal all at the same time in an earnest attempt to play along with Matt who was playing the keyboard. CUTE. Do I use that word too much? NO! If you lived with my kids you would see that I am holding back on my useage of this word. Count your blessings.


Thing 5: I have a new pic at my desk of my kids and DAMN Jonas has got a big head.


That’s all for now. Back to cleaning out my Outlook before the Help Desk sends me another “Dang girl, you save a lot of crap!” email. But, Help Desk! It’s all business related! At least the stuff I’m moving to the public folders is…


*keeps people from bugging me.


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