Like a playdoh fun factory*

I’ve not been happy with my blog entries lately. They seem forced and not at all full of the piss and vinegar I had prior to Mr. Jonas’ arrival. I blame my self-inflicted schedule of two kid updates each week with a complete over load of baby pics. So I’m switching gears and going back to what I did in the past: posting whenever I feel like and posting pics whenever I drag my sorry butt down stairs to where the pics are housed. I’m going to shoot for one picture post a week but I’m not going to stress myself out if I don’t. I got enough stress in my life, the effects (affects?) of which that manifest themselves in many ways:


Ø      Half-way into my drive to work I realized I wasn’t wearing any mascara. My eye-liner and shadow are looking greatly over-done as my natural eye lashes are rather light.


Ø      I was putting my shields and bottles into my pump bag (will never forget them again!) when I discovered a bag of pumped milk from Friday’s sessions. Yes, feel free to gag but hold off screaming at me until you hear that several times this weekend I asked myself if I’d remembered to take the ice pack out of the bag but never bothered to check the bag that I was attached to several times a day this weekend. If I had just looked once on Saturday I would’ve discovered the milk and had been able to salvage it.


Ø      I turned what should’ve been one trip to our kitchen area for coffee into three: threw out the remaining muffins from last Friday but forgot my oatmeal. Retrieved oatmeal, added hot water, got coffee. Sat down at desk, added cocoa and headed back to the kitchen for a stir stick.


And that was just this morning, people. It’s 8-freaking-20 am! So I will post about my wonderful children (Jonas! His face is filling out! Jaden! She’s my “friend” not my “buddy” because “I’m a girl. Jonas is your buddy because he’s a boy.”!) later and yes, I realize I haven’t posted Jaden’s new hair cut pic but I promise to do so at some point this week. In the mean time, I’m going to eat my runny oatmeal in the next five minutes before heading to some meeting in which I am to present some thing I was supposed to work on last week. Did I finish it?…OH, thank god, I did.


*Jonas spit up some extra chunky nasty that oozed out of his pacifier.


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