Jaden Thursday 9/18

Today’s Jaden Post will highlight all the awesomeness of Jaden. I feel as though this subject as not been adequately covered recently. Yes, she’s defiant. Yes, she’s testing her limits. Yes, she has selective hearing. She’s a kid. This isn’t news. So we’re going to move past all that right now because my first week back as work seems to have flipped the Jaden Switch from “Evil” to “Good”.   Her routine is back and she’s in heaven. She didn’t even have a break down this morning when we went to school. She was HAPPY and waived a cheerful “bye, daddy” and then asked her teacher what was for breakfast. The morning routine in general has been less stressful with her than pre-Jonas. Sure she hates to get up but once she gets going she’s cooperative and helpful, carrying Jonas’ diaper bag as long as I don’t say “Jonas’ bag” because it was hers first. So it’s just “the bag”. She is, in short, an Angel.


Her imagination is wild and I’m adoring hearing it come out more and more. She tells these stories that I at first thought were dreams she had but now I’m thinking she’s just telling stories about going to the circus. Once she was telling my cousin some story and I hear Matt say, “Wait. That didn’t happen.” I really need to start keeping the camera on at all times so I can capture an authentic Jaden story for you.


The influence of school is obvious in her play.  She refers to many things (not just her friends but blocks and shapes) as her “students.”  Monday night I was uploading pics for the kid posts and over heard the following from her play area:

(click clack of chalk on the chalkboard)

“ok, class…”

“The other teacher is singing a different song. We’re doing this now.”

“You have to listen and stop talking because—“ (loud snap then a pause) “…uh-oh…I broke it. I broke my paddle…I just have to go upstairs and Daddy can fix it.”

When I first heard “paddle” I got concerned. Were her teachers using paddles at school? Does Jaden have a paddle? She doesn’t have a boat. Then I heard Matt call down a short time later: “Jaden, I fixed your paddle.” And suddenly I remembered her paddle ball. Mystery solved.


I was not at home when this picture was taken.

I was not at home when this picture was taken.

I’ve been asking for her help since I was pregnant with Jonas and now because I’m usually strapped to a machine or just need an extra hand. Jaden has started asking for help of her own:

“Mommy, can you do me a favorite?”


Tuesday MIL was busy with Jonas and suddenly realized she hadn’t seen Jaden in awhile. She called downstairs, “Jaden? Where are you?”

“I’m on the computer!” (very matter of fact. She could’ve been saying “I’m watching tv.” For the amount of excitement she was inflecting.)

Guessing that Jaden wanted to play a computer game, Rosie went down stairs to turn on the computer and get the game going for her. Instead of finding a patiently waiting Jaden she found her sitting in front of the computer playing her game. Meaning she first turned on the computer, selected MIL’s account (her and FIL have they’re own profiles on the computer), clicked on the correct game icon (you should see their desktop. Program shortcuts everywhere), selected the game within the game she wanted and was now playing it.

After hearing about this episode I went to Target to price computer games for my laptop as she’s outgrown the ones we have and we’re not in the basement enough for her to play on the “big” computer. I found a couple but they were a tad pricey so I asked MIL if we could borrow hers. She said we could have them because once they’re installed you don’t need the disk anymore. Last night we installed Jumpstart Pre-school edition and Jaden got to play while I pumped. I was so proud of her. She didn’t need any help from me and it was so fun cheering her on when selected the right shapes. She’s still shying away from the “reading” exercises (letter recognition and phonics) but there’s time for that. I figure she’ll get bored with the other stuff because she’s already “conquered” them so she’ll have to do the reading stuff for a new challenge. There’s an “assessment test” on there that I want her to do just to see where she’s at. I’m a “give me a grade and tell me I’m awesome even though I know I am” kind of person. I like the proof.

Moving on.

Potty training has slowed down to a near grinding hault. Let me put it this way: if potty training were rush hour traffic, we’d be at the point where we’re all going 10 mph on the highway with occasional stretches of 45 mph. I’ve created two new rules that Matt and I enforce every day: she has to sit on the potty when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep. If she doesn’t then no story at naptime or bedtime and no “gumbies” in the morning (her gummy vitamins. We’re not giving her gummy worms at 6:30 in the morning don’t worry.). During the day we’ll ask her if she needs to sit on the potty. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn’t. Still no poop in the potty. When that happens I’ll buy her a pony.


Jaden hasn’t been a big milk drinker. She’s a water or juice kinda gal. Then we started adding food coloring to the milk. SCORE. Now every night we each pick a color for our milk. It’s awesome.


She loves her brother. It’s so cute.  That’s all I can say. I wish you could hear her say, “hi, Jonas!”. Her tone is so sweet and so gentle. Every time. I love it.


OH! Girl got a hair cut. I’ll post a pic when I get home. You’ll have to tell me if it works for her.


2 Responses

  1. Man, I can NOT believe how much, and how fast, she’s growing up! With the talking and cooking and computer games and helping you out… She’s a real, live, independent little person now. Crazy! I still think of her as baby Jaden, not little person Jaden, but I think I need to update my thinking.

    Oh, and good job not tackling the Ren Fest dude for putting his sword that close to your kid. You are very calm. 🙂

  2. Sticker chart…all the way… well it worked for mine anywho? maybe yours too?

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