“Curse you, aqua scum!”

What haven’t I complained about for all of two posts now. Guess. Go on guess.

Being Tired! That’s right! Here have a cookie .

My “back to work full time routine” has caught up with me. It’s been three days.

Wuss, thy name is Marcoda.

I was going to wait until Friday to update on this but today just tipped me over. Here’s my new schedule:

2:30am: pump

3:00am: lay in bed for half an hour trying to go back to sleep. May or may not have to get baby to sleep as well. (thank goodness he doesn’t cry, he just “snuffles” and wiggles a lot)

5:30am shower

5:45am pump (sometimes I switch those two around because I’m kooky)

6:10 get dressed

6:15 wake up Matt, put on make up, brush hair or throw into pony tail

6:30 get Jonas ready while Matt deals with Jaden. Again, sometimes we switch. The kookiness is everywhere in the Bingmar household.

6:45 dash madly around the house collecting pump supplies, throwing stored milk and back up clothes in diaper bag, begging Jaden to please put her shoes on. Wipe the fresh spit up off Jonas.

7:00 family safely in car, drive to Mother in law’s.

7:05 head to work

8:00 arrive at work

9am pump

12pm pump

3pm pump

4:30 head home

5:30 pick up kids

5:45 arrive home, pump

6pm either make dinner or entertain kids (see: feed baby) while matt does dinner

6:30-7:15 dinner

7:15-8: play with kids

8:00 Jaden’s bed time: either Matt does this or I do depending on who she asks for. Whoever’s not on bedtime duty feeds baby and pumps (well, only I do that one)

8:30 until Jonas is asleep tend baby and do as much from the list as can be done until I go to bed

some point between 10-11: go to bed.

Rinse and repeat.

Is it any wonder that this morning I was red eyed and exhausted? And are you really surprised that when it came time for my first pumping session (which was already pushed back an hour due to a staff meeting) I discovered I’d forgotten my shields and bottles for the pump there by canceling all pumping sessions for the rest of the day?

I shouldn’t have been surprised either. Lo, I was. And it was all I could do not to disolve into bitter, toddler-like “it’s not fair” tears.

It’s 12:30 and let me put it this way: I’m very happy I was so productive the last couple days at work because I wouldn’t win employee of the week if today were the basis of judgement.

I miss my kids but honestly? I miss my afternoon naps more. 5.5 hours of sleep each night is just not enough but I have to make it enough. I’d wish for two more hours each day but I’d just fill it with some sort of activity. I’d also wish for this adjustment period to hurry up but that would also mean my kids would grow up that much faster and I would not be ok with that.

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled whatever you do when you’re not reading my whinings. I’m going to finish my Coke while my second ghetto mocha cools.


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