Jonas Monday 9/15/08 6 weeks

Yes, it’s Tuesday (again) but it was either post an update last night or cross something off the list. Plus the subject of this post was demonstrating death defying feats of projectile spit up. Good times. Yeah, he’s a puker. Not sure how to prevent it as we can’t find a pattern. Feed him less? He screams for more sooner. Feed him more? It comes up again faster. Burp half way through? This was promising but then after the second half he made with the projectile stuff.

It’s 4am and I’m pumping because someone skipped his 2am feeding.

Go back to sleep, mom.

Go back to sleep, mom.

My boobs. They are very full.

Second day into our new routine and the kid throws everything out of whack. Ain’t that just like a kid? Plus, dear god, would some one please remind the mother of this house hold that routine and kids don’t go together? When will she learn??

It’s now 9pm. See what happens with my day? BUT! I feel so productive. This, however, is not about me.

Renaissance man

Radioactive Renaissance Man is fully charged.

Poor Jonas. He’s Mr. Cranky Pants. Like all the time. Well, not all the time. We get a half hour’s quiet every two hours not including when he’s got the bottle in his mouth or he’s sleeping. I’d get frustrated with the constant crying but I just feel bad for the little guy. I thought Jaden was colicy. No, JONAS is the colicy one. His whole body just goes rigid and he cries and cries. We try rubbing his tummy but it’s just a hard little ball. 😦 This has been going on consistently for a week. So we’ve gotten past the spitting up blood, the no weight gain, straight on through the constipation fear and into Colic! Good times. No wait. He’s got a cold too. Plus side: we think his tear ducts are developed now as his eyes were all watery the last couple days due to the cold. Cute side: he sounds like a pug when he cuddles now. Them’s good times right there.

When he’s not all cranky (those 30 minutes or so I mentioned not long ago) he’s happy and kicky with limbs flailing around happily. And being all smiley and happy. Happy. Got that? Here’s proof:

Still don’t believe me?

That’s my lady Nikki during a visit last week. Jonas likes her 🙂

His head control is amazing and he’s been trying to figure out how to use his arms. All he ends up doing is pulling out pacifier. Although I think sometimes it’s on purpose. He’s funny that way.

He also smells like milk and baby lotion.

My shirt says "Dork". Because the plaid pants didn't say it on their own.

My shirt says "dork". Because the plaid pants didn't say it themselves.

I may have mentioned his nibbable ears. Yesterday at work I was thinking about him and those ears and I suddenly grew concerned that maybe he wouldn’t remember me after his first day at grandma’s. Maybe we didn’t bond enough during my leave because I was bonding with two kids.

After 30 seconds in my arms while I hummed, he stopped crying and cuddled right into my arm. Wasn’t I silly for worrying?

Look at that furrowed brow.

"She's my gramma, not my mama, silly. You're my mama."

He’s still very much “the baby”. Meaning he eats, sleeps, poops and cries. There are a few moments where I see glimpses of emerging personality coming out. He’s certainly my little lion (He’s a Leo. Get it?). When he wants something he lets us know. It’s a little early to be making predictions but I hope this is no indication of what his toddler years will bring.

Wow. I just had visions of him at 8 months eating cereal puffs and drinking apple juice. The other night I was laying in bed with him while he was sputtering out from his latest colic spell and I thought, “Man, I can’t wait until this newborn stage is over.” Then I scolded myself good and proper. I wished for pregnancy to be over so I could get to the baby and here I was wishing the baby part was over so I could get to…what? I didn’t have an answer. What was I rushing through life for? I held him close and vowed to cherish each moment because it will be my last time with a newborn (as far as I know).

"'s got issues."

"'s got issues."

A brief moment of weakness on my part which ended at a very good promise to my little boy and my little girl: as frustrating as parenting can be I will always always appreciate them. Fully and completely for who they are.

Not hard. Look at him:

Jonas 6 weeks

Jonas 6 weeks

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to bed and cuddle with the little J-man.


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