I like lists

So much to do and write about but how to do it all in a manner that doesn’t completely bore my readers. This is the question that has plagued mommy bloggers for centuries. The answer? Make a list! This way you’ll feel as if you’re on your way to being successful and productive. Plus you’ll leave a paper trail of effort.


Today’s list: The House


The House has become its own entity. So much so that it has earned the right to be capitalized. Did you know that houses have to be winterized? I’ve heard boats need to be treated and stored for the winter but houses? I mean Houses? This was news to me. Here’s a list of things I just found out we have to do to prepare for winter:

  • Buy and apply autumn/winter fertilizer to the lawn

What? I thought that’s what all the fallen leaves were for. Nice natural fertilizer. This was going to be my excuse for not raking them up. Now that I’m not pregnant I need every excuse I can get. Thank you, Mr. Father In Law for ruining that for me.


  • Check and replace the furnace filter.

Actually, we’re one step ahead of winter on this one. Take that, seasonal change! (and Father In Law) We bought a new filter 4 weeks ago. (Triumphant “Ha!”) And it sat in our living room until yesterday when it made its way closer to the basement by way of the entry way at the top of the basement stairs. I’ve promised my husband I wouldn’t say anything about it seeing as he cleaned and vacuumed the living room. And dining room. And J’s room. While watching both kids. While I was on the computer looking at baby pics blissfully unaware that my husband was completely upstaging my 6 week maternity leave in one single evening. The big fat jerk. But, hey, I made chili and finished loading the dishwasher…(defeated “ha”?)

Point: We have the new filter it just needs to be installed. Halfway there.


  • Get the chimney inspected.

This has been on The List since we moved in (along with getting gutters installed and re-decorating the bathrooms). We just haven’t gotten around to it. Mostly I’m afraid that we’ll find out it’s condemned and will have to get it completely replaced like my in-laws did. Not my idea of a good time. BUT if I want to actually hang stockings by the chimney with care and, more importantly, use some of that damn wood we’ve got piled in the garage it needs to be done. I’m hoping an inspection doesn’t cost too much. There’s this hospital that keeps bugging me for money. Something about delivering a baby.


  • Complete re-organizing of The House.

We’ve been here less than 6 months and it’s all fallen to crap. Oy. I’m talking every single room needs to be fixed. Maternity clothes and outgrown kids clothes need to be put away, toys and books upstairs need to be switched out with toys and books from the family room, the storage room needs to be put back together again, the bathroom certainly could use a good scrubbing (ew)…I’m thinking I’m going to have to put the baby down or strap him to me via the Bjorn or I’m not going to get anything done. And oh my list. She is long.


What the hell did I do these past 6 weeks? Not clean The House that’s for damn sure. It’s amazing how fast the days go when you’re cuddling a baby. But now that I’m back to work and that whole routine (we’ll check in on Friday to see how I’m holding up.) I’m ready to tackle everything head on! No more excuses!


Except the giant excuse of I haven’t seen my babies all freaking day so just give me 10 more minutes of hugs and kisses and giggles. And that other excuse of Jonas and Jaden blog updates (with pics!).


I’m in trouble.


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