Immune systems and other useless crap

Really, people, I have the best timing when it comes to getting sick. I knew it was coming what with Jaden coughing and sneezing over everything despite our pleas of “Cover your mouth!”. So here I am on the last official day of my maternity leave with a throat lined with sandpaper and I just blew something quite nasty out of my nose. Aren’t you glad you checked in?

Then there’s my little man who is experiencing his first cold ever and you can just see it on his face: “WTF is this shit! So far I’m not impressed with life on the outside.” Sorry, buddy, you have a whole life of suckiness ahead of you.

I actually knew I was getting sick yesterday and I contemplated blaming the anniversary of 9/11 somehow but unlike some people I can’t bring myself to manipulate and use that tragedy for all of my misfortunes.

I had this big elaborate plan to dress Jonas up a onsie mentioning how that guy I linked to makes him spit up (ha!) because Brandie had given him one for his shower and then post it here for you all but that would require me to first put it on him then take a picture then curse myself for not timing it for when he actually does spit up (which he’s doing consistently right now but would stop as soon as the camera came out) then bring the camera to the basement, transfer it from the memory stick to the camera then upload it to the computer. You can see what a hassle this is. Besides I’m having much too much fun pumping, blogging, wiping up spit up and watching Jonas kick and coo with glee. Kid’s got some rad moves let me tell ya.

That’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll get around to actually posting that cute planned pic but please don’t count on it. You still haven’t seen all the awesome pics of Jaden at Nickelodeon Universe on Labor Day weekend.


One Response

  1. YAY you come back on Monday

    Booooo your sick for your final days at home

    PLEASE dont make Jessie return your slinky….i need a new comic to read now that i cant access one of my favorites at work anymore!

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