Familial Update

This is my last week at home before returning to work (sob! lament! wail!) so things have been a little hectic around here what with me trying to get in as much baby ear nibbling as I can while explaining to my husband why the giant pile of clean laundry is still residing in our room. (Jonas is very demanding of my attention. At least his ears are. And his hands. And did I mention he is SMILING now?!) This is also why I haven’t posted Jonas Monday and probably won’t do a Jaden Thursday this week. I’ll just lump the whole family together starting with the oldest and working my way to the youngest:

Matt: He’s a saint. He stayed up all night with Jaden Friday Night while she was throwing up. I offered to take over  but he insisted I go back to bed and curl up with Jonas instead. He then let two preschoolers and one toddler climb all over him at Ren Fest the following day on roughly 4 hours of (interrupted) sleep. He also made beef stew on Monday and paid to have my replacement breast pump part overnighted because (I quote) “I can’t have my wife with a history of carpel tunnel manually pumping every two hours.” He loves me. He really loves me.

Sunday we went to Valleyfair and had a grand time riding all the rides we wanted while waiting no longer than the time it takes for the train to return. Matt was giddy. He’s a ride fanatic so this was a dream come true. I kept harping on him to slow the fuck down as he raced from one ride to the next because a certain wife of his cannot walk that fast and bless him, he tried. It was adorable. We wrapped up the day with a round of mini-golf (he beat me by 11 strokes. I bet if we hadn’t allowed all those mulligans we would’ve tied.) and a glorious nap at home before picking up the kids. Do we know how to celebrate our marriage or what? Personally I think it was a fitting end to what has been, let’s face it, a friggen exhausting year. Plus, he’s so big and cuddly and makes the perfect nap partner. When we were first living together we napped a lot and that’s when we realized we were both cats and meant for each other. Love through napping. How lame are we?

Me: Sunday after our nap Matt went to get the kids while I set about trying to wake up because Lord I was tired. I should’ve pumped at that time but couldn’t bring myself to exert more energy than checking on my blogs. But I had the pump on the table complete with good intentions of pumping soon. Then the kids came home and my friend who just moved to North Carolina for grad school called and Matt left to pick up some quick burgers for us and in the tradition of kids sensing when a parent is alone and vulnerable all hell broke loose. When Matt returned with the two hamburgers he found me in the nursery wimpering over a bruised to hell ankle rocking a one month old who was finishing his bottle while a three year old did her best to spread yogurt covered raisins all over said nursery. My poor friend got to hear this chaos unfold (Jonas screaming for food, Jaden screaming for attention, me screaming because I first tripped over the pump cord then slammed my ankle in the bedroom door) over the phone while I laughed maniacally that some day this will all be his!

But all was calm now so I went to the table to (finally) pump only to discover that the pump’s journey to the floor had caused a crucial piece of plastic to snap in several tiny places rendering the entire $250 machine completely useless. I cursed in as PG a manner as I could muster and Matt, sensing the madness about to erupt from every part of me, put Jaden to bed. I looked at the broken pieces and cried a little. I tried finding replacement parts on line but found nothing. Matt came back and tried to talk optimistic (“at least you’ve got the manual pump for now”) while I looked up the facts about manual pumping (20 minutes EACH SIDE every two hours. You do the math and discover my woe.). I excused myself and hid in the bathroom and cried for a very silly reason: Pumping with a machine is probably the most unsexy thing in the world. Until you have to manually pump. It’s like hooking up a bike pump. So my tears were for a very superficial reason. I’m already feeling less than sexy and this just pushed me right over the edge. I didn’t want Matt to see me during my first session so I banned him to the basement with Jonas.

I’ll skip the horrible night of manual pumping that followed and skip to 6am when Matt got up with me and searched and searched the internet until he found the replacement part and ordered it for me. Cost of part: $7.50. Cost to overnight and guarantee delivery Tuesday: $40. That was my anniversary present and I was so so happy when at 10:00 yesterday morning the UPS guy handed me precious package. Whoo! Let the slightly less ego shredding pumping commence!

Jaden: Is a doll who’s sentence structure is so awesome I’m giddy with grammatical glee.

“Mommy, could you please shut the curtains because the sun is too bright in my eyes?”

“Mommy, can I please drink some juice at the table?”

“Where is my little Buddha?”

She’s been singing the Duck Tales theme song lately and last night Matt caught her singing The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name”. Picture a little 3 year old singing: “They call me Stacy.” And how ever the rest of it goes. Matt awarded her latest trick with some chocolate chips.

She’s better about at least trying a bite of something before declaring she doesn’t like it. Better but there are still challenges, mostly when it comes to trying to understand the sudden shifts in taste:

“Can I try some of that?”

“You want to try my fish?”

“Yeah, I like fish.”

“Ok, here you go.” (brings fork with salmon on it to her mouth)

“What is that?”

“It’s fish. You said you wanted to try it.”

“No. I don’t like fish.”

Que my confused look at Matt who shrugs and continues eating.

We’ve been working on her pronunciation by repeating what she says the correct way and slower. Not in an obvious “you’re a moron” kind of way. I’ve actually been doing this since she started talking:

“Look! A Bountain!”

“Yes, that is a Fountain.”

It’s starting to come back to me though. Now when I can’t understand her she’ll look me in the eye and very slowly repeat herself. This does not help and I caught myself almost asking her if she could write down her new dolly’s name before realizing I’m the moron here, not her.

She CAN spell though. She still points out “GALLOP” in her library book and I will remember for the rest of her life that that was her first word she could spell.

Jonas: Is SMILING. SMILING, people! And not just the gassy/poop induced smiles. I was goofing with him yesterday and he gave me a big grin. And he’s talking like mad and wiggling around all happy baby like. I brought him to the doctor Monday morning and he’s now 9 pounds 13 ounces so he’s gained a full 2 pounds since his two week check up. WHOO! And he’s not constipated, just readjusting his digestive cycle or something. And right now he’s wearing a sleeping sack with fold over sleeves and wriggling around in his sleep and let me tell you there are few things as cute as mitten hands flying around.

He also loves looking at lights and will stare at the ceiling light for about 15 minutes before switching to a fascinating spot on the wall. Or me. Like right now. Hee!

That’s about it. OH! Our anniversary was on Monday and around 10:30 that night we actually got a an hour to ourselves where we listened to some classic jazz and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and piece of carrot cake I’d picked up from the Target bakery mere hours before. It was nice and Matt was pleasantly surprised.

That’s the update for this week. Next week I’ll be back at work trying not to miss my kids too much.


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