Because this is a refined and mature blog

I will not go into detail about all the puke Matt had to witness Friday Night/Saturday morning by way of the First Born, nor the Heaven’s Above She Needs to Do This In the Potty pull-up I had to deal with this/yesterday morning (the smell, people, my god. It lingered after we got the cursed thing out of the house) nor the hilariousness that is Second Born’s farts (happiest face we’ve ever seen followed by a series of very impressive tooting) or the fact that he has not pooped at all AGAIN today after the Oh My God It’s Everywhere episode Friday.*

I will say I’m more than looking forward to dumping (no pun intended) both kids off with my mom and matt’s mom (in that order) tomorrow/today so Matt and I can have a fantastic (cheap (but not really)) time celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the local amusement park (forecast tomorrow: high of 63 and 40% chance of thunderstorms) while said kids reek havoc on an elderly couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.

And now I’m off to see if during the 20 minutes I’ve been here pumping, Second Born has completely flooded his moses basket.
Pics to come! (Ew. I meant of the rest of Labor Day Weekend and our super fun day at Ren Fest today/yesterday)**

*HA! Jess still insists she wants babies. She’s funny. Oh wait. I signed up for this willingly as well. Fuck.
**Blogging near the mid-night hour is too confusing.

2 Responses

  1. Ha! That’s right! You willingly and excitedly signed on to be a poo-dealer. Twice! I dub thee The Poo Master! Now we just need to get you a cape and a theme song.

    Can’t wait to hear how the Anniversary went! Hope you guys had fun!

    Happy 1st Anniversary!!! You guys made it! (Not that there was any doubt, but still. Congratulations!)

  2. see normally this is something that i would IM you, Text your or send a message via MYSPACE or maybe actually tell you to your face if you hadn’t gotten ragu and go on maternity leave 😛 (i kid…sorta) but Happy Anniversary to both of you…hope it was relaxing as possible for both stressed out parents 😉

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