Jonas Update Week 3

I just can’t title this “Jonas Monday” seeing as it’s Wednesday. This will be a short entry because, let’s face it, cute as they are newborns just aren’t that exciting. Which is a good thing considering what “exciting” tends to mean. I will say that he’s becoming more and more alert and loves ceilings and lights.

He had his first tummy time:

You’ll notice also the cooing. You are allowed to melt. You are also allowed to ignore the pile of clean laundry in the background. You are not allowed to ask if that pile has since been put away or if another larger pile has formed in the family room downstairs.

He’s had quite a few more blowouts one of which nearly ruined his 1920’s bathing costume:

Check out those gams.

I'm about to poo all over your couch.

Know what we haven’t had in awhile? A good Poop Story!: Sunday morning I was up and cranky from having stayed up way too late watching Iron Chef America. (Did I mention we now have a 13 inch tv in our basement and can now access our (sort of not legal) cable? Damn you food network!) After I got him all dressed in a super cute outfit and had Jaden situated with her movie, I decided to pump. On the love seat. Which is not the sofa. Which he was on. Five minutes into my pumping (also known as “The Point of No Return”) I heard an audible “ppppppplllllfffftttt” from him. I didn’t think anything of it, he’s a loud pooper but most of the time his bark is worse than his bite, if you catch my drift. Then he started fussing, I started asking Jaden to help him, she continued to ignore me, his fussing turned to screaming, my asking turned to demanding, J’s ignoring turned to “all right!” and she went to give him his pacifier. Except she didn’t get to the pacifier. Because, “Uh-oh. Jonas pooped on the couch.” My response, “he did what now?” “He pooped on the couch.”
Remember: I’m hooked up to a milking machine much like a hormone fed dairy cow and cannot stop. “Go get daddy!” I shriek. “It’s on my foot.” she announces. “GO GET DADDY!” She doesn’t move so I scream, “MATT!” A distant. “Yeah, what? I’m up.” is heard from the bedroom. “Jonas had a huge accident on the couch and I’m pumping and Jaden’s three!” Matt came running out of the bedroom and checks the damage (which I can’t see because that handy little feaux boppy is blocking my view. Which I’m ok with.) “Oh my god!” is his reaction. Cutting this already gross story short, Jonas managed to blow past his diaper completely, hit his bathing costume and nail two couch cushions. Matt said the diaper came out of the horrific episode with little more than a couple scrapes and bruises. The couch cushions spent some time in the ICU but made a full recovery and went back home that afternoon.
In slightly less gross news, Jonas has developed a bad case of baby acne:
Before the acne

Before the acne

The beginning of the acne invasion

The beginning of the acne invasion

It’s even worse now but you’ll see that next week. Maybe even on Monday.
He’s getting to be so strong. Check out this neck control:

So strong!

So strong!

His daddy has helped him follow in his sister’s footsteps of baby raving:

Jonas got to spend some time in his crib for the first time. Not actually sleeping, just chilling out while Mom got some lunch ready for Jaden.
He seemed to like it.

He seemed to like it.

OH! I completely forgot the most important thing. Gazing at a beautiful baby can make one quite forgetful. We’ve switched to bottle feeding completely. I’m pumping every 2-3 hours (except overnight when it’s whenever he decides to wake up which is 2-4 hours) and giving it to him in a bottle. We’ve bought some formula to supplement the pumping sessions that don’t yield enough but with my fenugreek regimen and regular pumping he’s only getting about 4-6 ounces of formula everyday. My stress level has gone way down (as far as feeding goes) and his weight was already up to 8.4 pounds last Sunday. Plus, my nipples are no longer chaffed and beyond hurting but that’s just a nice bonus. Now I can watch him pack on the ounces and not worry about him munching on me instead of sucking. Yay!
In yet still more other news, he’s a very good sleeper:

Beautiful sleeper (color)

Beautiful sleeper (color)

Beautiful Sleeper (B&W)

Beautiful Sleeper (B&W)

I’m trying to upload some videos (I think you can figure out where I’ll be posting them in this entry.) but Google Video is having issues. As soon as they show up I’ll edit this post so be sure to check back for some thrilling live action baby fun!
In the meantime, here’s Jonas at three weeks:
Jonas Three Weeks August 25 2008

Jonas Three Weeks August 25 2008


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    He’s a cutie mccutie cutes cute cuterton.

    Nice work on the baby-makin!

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