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Reflections on being a mother of two

It’s fricken hard. And exhausting. I don’t mean to scare the two moms that either just had a baby yesterday or will be having a baby any minute now but seriously, it’s fricken hard. I have other mom readers that have more than one kid and I’m sure they’ll back me up on this. I don’t think the age of the first kid matters when you bring a second one into the picture. All kids are going to want your attention every second of the day, even those kids who up until this point were totally ok playing by themselves before the baby. What gives, J??

Oh my word! Jaden just told me she wanted to sit on the potty. This is huge. But I really didn’t think anything of it. Except then she told me she peed in the potty. I didn’t believe her.  Then she showed me. MY KID ASKED TO SIT ON THE POTTY THEN PEED IN THE MOTHERFUCKING POTTY, PEOPLE!!

Then Jonas woke up and Polly started chasing a giant fly around the kitchen.

It never ends.


my kid used the potty!


One Response

  1. potty trained children are the next best thing to 12 year old children 🙂 i love mine!!!!

    Hang in there darling…no age does not matter but you really do have a great daughter and she’ll soon understand or probably not even acknowledge that her brother gets more attention. Stick with the mommy/daughter night for sure and she’ll love it….mommy/son night can wait just a couple years. Soon enough J will be trying to kick you out of the picture so she can play “mommy” to her baby brother!..(and it never ends)!

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