Jaden Thursday 8.21.08

Pretty girl

Pretty girl

It’s been an adjustment this week. I believe Jaden is coming to the realization the Jonas is here to stay. And that I’m his mommy, too. And that Matt is his daddy, too. In addition to her acting out a little she’s also growing up and showing off her smarts. And becoming quite the little helper.


After dinner Matt and Jaden were having a conversation about Earth and Jaden told him that Earth was in outer space. He said, “That’s right. Very good.”

Jaden: “We need to go there.”

Matt: “Actually, sweetie, we’re already there. We live on Earth.”

Jaden: “Earth is a planet.”

Matt: “Yes and we live on that planet. We’re on Earth right now.”

Jaden: “I have an idea. We go into the car and drive to outer space and go to Earth and then we come back home. Ok? Ok.”


Jaden, Jonas and I have been taking morning walks to Matt’s mom’s house where Jaden spends her day. I’m really enjoying these walks. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and I get to listen to her apply more of her knowledge.

“We just have to go to the stop sign and then stop. It’s red and we have to stop. The stop sign is an octagon. It’s a shape and it’s an octagon shape.”

“I hear crickets! Do you hear the crickets, mommy?”

“That’s chalk on the street! That’s a arrow.”

“There’s cardinals on that mailbox! That’s so silly!” (she pronounces each syllable so it comes out “card-i-nals”.

Tuesday I explained to her how fire hydrants work. Thursday she explained it to me:

“The fire fighter just opens it up and they put the hose in and the water comes out and goes down the drain.” Points to drain hole cover that says “water”. (Hey, she’s got the basics down. Except for the whole putting out fires part…wait for it…) “And they put the water on the fire.” (ha! Told you she was smart.)


Jaden drinking her sundae 8.16.08

Jaden drinking her sundae 8.16.08

She’s big on the phrases “Remember when…” and “Let’s talk about…”. It’s so cute how she uses these to strike up conversation. “Let’s talk about the parade.” This is the parade we saw back in June. This makes me so happy. My memory sucks and to see her working on strengthening hers is fantastic. I’m also learning the limits of her memory. I thought that memories faded with age so Jaden could remember things from when she was two but when I ask her if she remembers the old house and the big dogs that lived there she says no. However, yesterday during nap time she saw “Moving Day” on the back of one of her Berenstein Bear books and said, “Hey! Remember when we moved into the new house? We moved in…our new house.” (yes, she even trailed off. It was adorable)


Matt and I have been trying hard to give her attention and love and stuff. However, she’s acting out. Mostly by not listening to us. Unfortunately when the baby is crying and she’s not listening, guess who gets yelled at? I hate yelling at her. HATE IT. But it happens.

We finally got down to the problem. Bur first: flashback to last Friday when I drove her to preschool. We got all the way to the parking lot (ok, I bribed her with a granola bar to get her in the car. I promised I wouldn’t bribe my kids but dammit, a parent has to do what they have to do to get the durn kid to get her butt in the car.) We got all the way into the parking lot and I came around to let her out and she stuck out her bottom lip. Then her big brown eyes welled up and the lip started quivering.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

tears started spilling over

“Sweetie? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I don’t want to go to school.”

“Baby, why?”

I’ll skip the rest because it was basically me asking “why” and her crying and my heart breaking and me negotiating with her (“Let’s just go inside and see your teacher.” “Don’t you want to play with your friends?”) and get right to the part where I caved and brought her back home. (You weren’t there! You’ve

Big Brown Eyes

Big Brown Eyes

seen her eyes but you’ve never seen them all filled with REAL tears or heard that little voice pleading “Put my seatbelt back on and drive me home.”) So we paid $60 for her to stay home and not listen to us and get yelled at way too often.

Which brings us to the big question: Why didn’t she want to go? There all kinds of theories but she kicked all our psychological hypotheses the other night while Jonas and I were laying with her at bedtime.

“At school I cried and I told my teacher I want to go home.”

“Why don’t you want to go to school? Don’t you like your teachers?”


(errrr?) “You don’t? Why not?”

“They’re mean.”

(double errrr?) “Why are they mean?”

“They make me clean up.”

After successfully not laughing with relief I explained that we make her clean up at home and so does Gramma Rosie and didn’t she like the kids there and do the teachers play games and sing songs and doesn’t she like to learn new things? And so on. We spent the rest of the week talking about how awesome school is and I think THINK she’s going to school tomorrow. Correction: She IS going to school. Hopefully she won’t cry this time.

Update: This morning Matt took her to school. He called me a half hour later and said it was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. She tried so hard to be brave but still ended up crying and Matt had to leave while she was crying (I guess she ran after him and clung on to his leg.). I called around 11:30 to check on her and the teacher said she was doing very well. She had a couple moments where she started to get sad but they coached her through it. She collected baby rocks with her classmates and was playing Ring Around the Rosie with the other Jaden. Plus, they had pancakes for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch (two of her favorites). When I pick her up I’m going to take her to Caribou for a “Brave Girl Smoothie”. It’s going to take her some time to get used to this as she’s only there one day a week but we believe in her.


Jaden steals the camera 8.20.08

Jaden steals the camera 8.20.08

One night this week Matt wanted to go out so I told Jaden that Jonas was going to lay down with us. She broke down and said, “I don’t want Jonas! No!” So Matt and I had a good talk with her and tried to get at the heart of her feelings:

Matt: “Are you mad because we’ve been giving Jonas more attention?”

Jaden: “Yeah.”

Matt: “We’re sorry, honey, but Jonas is a baby and needs a lot of attention. Are you mad at Jonas?”

Jaden: “No, I not mad at Jonas. I’m sad at Jonas.”

I thought that summed it up completely. Matt ended up taking Jonas and Jaden and I had a very nice bed time. Since then Jonas has joined us two times for bedtime.


Good morning, J

Good morning, J

I think she likes me being home in the mornings and has developed her own breakfast routine. First she

comes into my bedroom and announces it’s morning, the sun is awake and it’s time for breakfast (Every night she tells me the Sun’s bedtime routine and looks outside to make sure the sun is in fact going to sleep.) then she’ll go and get bowls and spoons for us, pick out her cereal, and get the milk. She pours her own cereal, I put some of it into my bowl, then we go back and forth over whether she wants the milk in her cereal or in her bowl(regardless if the milk starts in her cup, it always ends up in the bowl.). It’s just nice and I’m going to miss it when I go back to work. Plus, did you catch the part where she’s pouring her own cereal? She also pours her own juice and gets her own water. And most of the time she wipes up her own messes.


Robot Jaden

Robot Jaden

The other night at dinner she declared that Matt’s a weirdo. Then went on to say we’re all weirdos. Welcome to the family, kid.


Her new favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine”. She sings it and hums it all the time.


Her other musical talents now include “Techno Beatboxing”. She’s available for weddings, birthdays and Pre-school raves.


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  1. This posts gave me lots of thoughts and giggles, but I had to write and tell you before I went into labor (yeah, right…whatever) that the first picture of J is just beautiful. She has a very classic look to her.

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