Things a mother pretends not to see:

  • That small spot on her side of the bed near the baby’s head that is most likely milk that made its way back out the baby’s mouth. We’ll just throw a towel over that for now.
  • Her pre-schooler hitting the entryway rug with her cereal spoon then coming back to the table and finishing her cereal.

Things a mother cannot ignore no matter how much she wants to:

  • An entire cup of milk her pre-schooler insisted on having and drinking with a straw rather than having milk in her cereal spilled all over the table. The mother’s hand now smells like Clorox Wipes. Preschooler is now washing her hands.
  • Three baskets of clothes emptied and strewn around the livingroom. (Father cannot ignore this either: “Wow. And it was just the two of you today. Can’t blame the preschooler on this one.” Mother responds: “Oh yes I can. She did that before we went to your mom’s.” Mother conveniently leaves out the fact that she’d asked the preschooler to get a pair of socks from one of the baskets so really, it’s her fault.)
  • There was one other thing…what was it. Man if only that baby would stop with the screaming. OH right. Yeah, can’t ignore the screaming baby. Or his edible ears. Nom nom indeed.

One Response

  1. Oh my, I can so relate to the cereal spoon on the rug and then back in the cereal bowl. Our standards do change don’t they? This morning I turned a blind eye toward and gracefully stepped over the toilet paper, still attached to the roll in the bathroom, that was pulled all the way out to the playmat so that “baby face wash”. In my little world, at least I got to brush my teeth and put a brush through my hair uninterrupted, so what’s wrong with a little strewn toilet paper?

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