Jonas Monday 8.18.08

Checkin out the world

Checkin out the world

Two weeks! We’ve made it two weeks and what’s even cooler is we made it a whole week without a trip to the hospital. I’m going to do this post in bullet form. I like it that way, helps break up my thoughts and boy do my thoughts needs some breaking up.

  • We’ll start with what’s at the forefront of my little mind: Milk supply. Mine in particular is going down. I blame the kid. Perhaps it’s not fair of me but hear me out. The majority of these two weeks have seen me leaking milk and said milk letting down at the mere mention of a baby cry. Three days ago I pumped and noticed I didn’t get as much (a full ounce less on both sides). However, I attributed this to my system evening out and only producing what Jonas needs because he was emptying my boobs and didn’t seem hungry after he ate. In fact, he was usually asleep.



Then we went to his 2 week check up today and found out that instead of gaining weight, he’s lost almost a full pound since birth (8 pounds 12 oz vs 7 pounds 13 oz today). So after much discussion and a re-weigh, we decided to try just pumping and giving him a bottle to see what he’s getting from me. He should be getting 25 ounces a day so we’ll see exactly what he’s getting. In the meantime I’m going to try to increase my supply with more frequent nursing and pumping and bring him back in for a re-weigh. I’m also going to start my Fenugreek regime. Wish us luck. (Note: I’ve done extensive research on this whole subject and, frankly, am tired of reading about it so please, no advice. I’ve gotten plenty. Thanks.)

  • Other than the weight thing he’s doing great. He showed off his lung power when he was all naked and performed a fabulous bowel movement in front of the doctor. We’re going to be switching pediatricians though but only because there’s one a minute from our house rather than 25 minutes.
  • Jonas had his first real bath this week. Some highlights for you:

Pre-bath: Life is great, warm and oh so cozy

Bath Time Still Life 8.12.08

Bath Time Still Life 8.12.08

WTF!? What happened to the warm and cozy??
Mid-bath reflection

Mid-bath reflection

Post Bath- "I'm still not happy."

Post Bath- Still naked and now cold. And pirate-y

All clean and ready for a boob

All clean and ready for a boob

That was about it. I made Matt do the actual bathing while I took pictures and Jonas screamed his fool head off. Good times.
  • Jonas’ umbilical cord fell off Saturday so he’s officially ours. Whoo-hoo! I went to change him in the morning and there it was sitting neatly on top of his diaper. We put Jaden’s in her (unfinished) baby book but Jonas doesn’t have one. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it so for now it’s sitting in a plastic baggie.
  • He’s so much more alert this week. It’s very cool. He still sleeps a LOT but when he’s awake he takes in more visually. He loves looking at lights and his sister:

    "So you're my sister, huh?"

    "So you're my sister, huh?"

  • He’s trying to coo. I tried it getting it on video but in true baby fashion as soon as I took out the camera he stopped.
  • His hiccups sound like a squeaky toy. I pretend to press his belly when he has them and giggle at the squeakiness.
  • Matt and I have both had these “wow, we have two kids” moments. Matt had his a few days ago when he was feeding Jonas and Jaden came up to him and he thought, “Woah, these are my kids.” I haven’t had one specific moment but a series of moments where I remind myself that Jonas isn’t a loaner. He’s here for the long haul. It’s such a weird feeling to go from “pregnant pregnant pregnant” to “BAM! Baby!” No transition. Having a newborn around again isn’t the hard part, really. The hard part is adjusting to having two kids. Jaden has been feeling slighted (we’ll cover that in her post) even though we’re trying really hard to make sure she still gets attention. It will get better. Maybe that’s what the 6 week maternity leave it for. Who knows for sure? All I know is our Bingmar Family Nap Time has gotten crowded but very cozy.

    The Bingmar Family Nap 8.17.08

    The Bingmar Family Nap 8.17.08

  • Jonas is so strong. He’s already pushing his little head up when he rests on our chests and tries to support himself with his legs when we stand him up.
  • And he sleeps a lot. And loves to cuddle.
  • He’s fricken cute too.
"...Relaxin' all cool..." Jonas 2 weeks old

"...Relaxin' all cool..." Jonas Two weeks old


2 Responses

  1. My goodness, how is it possible that he has gotten even cuter?! Dang!!! I especially like the family nap photo. Awwwwww. No worries, I won’t get on my breastfeeding soapbox again…apologies, apologies…cue flogging (is that the right spelling?). Hang in there.

  2. I can not get over how much he looks like all three of you!!!! I cant wait for tomorrow (your still coming right?) so I can hold him…AND NEVER GIVE HIM BACK MUWAHAHAHA…crudders that wasn’t in my head was it. Miss you guys, cant wait to see you!

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