Jaden Thursday (8.14.08)

Jaden post bath 8.12.08

Jaden post bath 8.12.08

This week Jaden warmed up more to her baby brother. The first week she ignored him for the most part. She’s since held him, fed him and says goodnight and kisses him unprompted. She’s also very concerned when he’s crying: “Is he fine?” She’s a great big sister.

Holding Jonas at home for the first time 8.13.08

Holding Jonas at home for the first time 8.13.08

That’s not to say she hasn’t been acting out. This could be attributed to the new baby but I think it’s mostly just a three year old being a three year old. On Monday she got a hold of my nipple cream and smeared it on her hands and Jonas’ circle blanket. Matt handled that situation much more diplomatically than I would’ve seeing as it was after dinner and I was nursing a beer. (Aside: It feels weird drinking a beer. I only drank half of it and felt very naughty. Guess I’m still getting used to not being pregnant.) Tuesday she asked me to color with her (it’s hard to say no to her pleas of “will you play with me?”. She sounds so sad sometimes.) and I did and we had a good time. Until I looked over her shoulder and saw two black lines on the carpet.

“Jaden? Did you draw on the carpet?”


(deep breath and I go to get the Resolve and start cleaning it up) “You need to go to your room right now.”

“I need to go to my room?”

“Yes. You are in trouble. Go to your room please and I’ll be in there in a minute.”

“Are you just cleaning it up?”

“I’m trying to. Please go to your room now. I’m very upset.”

(scrub scrub scrub. Bedroom door opens.)

Mom and J 8.11.08

Mom and J 8.11.08

“Jaden, go back in your room.”

“I’m sorry I made you upset.”

(sigh. Be strong, Marcoda. Do not give in to her cuteness. It’s what she wants. I get up and head into her room and sit on her bed.)

“Come here, J. I need to talk to you.”

“Can I give you a hug?” (approaches with outstretched arms.)

“Not yet. We need to talk first.” (Jaden sits across from me on the bed and awaits her lecture.)

“Do you know why I’m upset?”

“I drew on the carpet.”

“That’s right. Why did you draw on the carpet?”

“Because I only have to draw on the paper.” (Quick translation in my head tells me she’s skipped to the moral of the story and still doesn’t understand “why” questions. At least when it comes to her motives.)

“That’s right. Promise me you won’t draw on the carpet anymore.”


“Come here and give me a hug.” (Big hugs all around and we go about our evening.)

Breaking the tension 8.13.08

Breaking the tension 8.13.08

Other highlights of the week:

  • The other day she asked me if she could watch Sleeping Booby.
  • She’s fascinated with my breast pump. She’s actually disappointed when I nurse Jonas directly and don’t need to pump. The other night I’d finished up pumping right as Matt’s brother arrived the other day and I’d left the pumped milk on the coffee table. Jaden handed them to me and informed Jeremy that the milk “came from my mommy’s nipples”. Jeremy and Matt laughed and Jeremy asked where she got that from. I didn’t understand why it was so funny (well, I could.) and said I told her. Personally, I think it’s cool that Jaden understands all this biology stuff. She’s confused about some aspects, however:
    • This morning she drank her milk and said she could feel it going into her tummy. Then asked if she could pump it out.

  • Matt took her to the zoo today. Apparently she was a very good girl and was rewarded with a big ice cream cone. I was sad I missed it. I could’ve used some ice cream today.

    Wonder if she understands this statue now that mommy's boobs have a purpose.

    Wonder if she understands this statue now that mommy's boobs have a purpose.

  • My mother got her a toy keyboard. Complete with animal sounds and crappy interpretations of musical instruments. And a “demo” button. Gods curse that demo button. That’s all I’m going to say about it.
  • Her song writing continues to improve every day. Sometimes she creates her own melodies and sometimes she uses classic melodies and just rewrites the words. I have no examples for you but trust me, she’s gifted.
  • When she said goodbye to Tatum a few weeks ago, she fell in love with a little brass statue of Buddha. Tatum said she could take it home with her. Jaden plays with it all the time. She’s stopped sleeping with it and places it reverently on a shelf next to a larger statue of Buddha that Matt and I drunkenly pilfered from a Halloween party. She’s incorporated it into her regular play and let me tell you something: I’m pretty sure Buddha would be honored to be a part of the Animal Planet Farm play set. And Matchbox car drag races.
  • She’s taken “Berenstein Bears and Too Much Junk Food” into her knowledge store. At breakfast she informed me that the food was in her tummy and making her very strong, then flexed her muscles to show me and then said her blood goes all over her body and something about her muscles and bones. Gawl durn that girl is smart.
  • Her complete sentences continue to astound me: “My favorite animal at the zoo was the leopard. What was your favorite animal, daddy?” She’s like a walking talking little person.

She’s cool like that.

Cool like that

Cool like that


2 Responses

  1. Hi J,
    I love your article, very good!! My favorite part is “I’m pretty sure Buddha would be honored to be a part of the Animal Planet Farm play set. And Matchbox car drag races. ”
    I agree! Smiles,

  2. and speaking of drums i just bought Tyson a drumset from walmart…not as cool as Jadens but watching him play is my favorite thing in the world.

    Big sisters are awesome 🙂 i just had a talk with Tyson’s big sister last night to find out why after an hour of HER cartoons (total drama island…i love it, it makes fun of all the reality shows out there) and root beer float and 4 games of Uno did she find it necessary to cry seven times…SEVEN TIMES IN ONE HOUR…really?

    I so tragically miss you….i finally got to see Sara today after about 1 month of NOT seeing her and it made me realize how much i miss you too 😦 I hope i can come visit or vice/versa soon.

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