Enough about the kids, how’s Marcoda doing?

She’s doing GREAT! I just had a beer at BW’s on a completely empty stomach and I feel fantastic! Don’t worry, I do have lunch here (we had to get it to go because Hubby had a conference call.) and I will be eating it shortly. Good lord I’d been waiting a long time for that pint of Honeyweiss and it did not disappoint. SO GOOD.

Drinking on an empty stomach does have its downside: I mistook the music playing at BW’s for Hanson’s MmmmBop and now have that in my head.

Oh well.

Good thing: Guess who’s wearing an ensemble made up of completely PRE-PREGGIE clothes? Yeah, that would be me. Well, chances are you are as well unless you’re The Aunt (soon, sweetie, soon.) But this is huge for me so don’t you dare take it away from me!

Bad thing: My jeans are a tad tight so I’m sporting the hair binder around the button hole look.

Good thing: My shirt is long enough so you can’t see it.

Bad thing: Nursing bras SUCK for breastial support unless they’re underwire.

Good thing: I have several underwire nursing bras so problem solved (my D-size bosoms look GREAT compared to the small end of the B-cup range I was sporting before. So good in fact that I forgot my cooler of pumped milk in the car because I was admiring the girls so much. This may have been supported by The Beer.)

Bad thing: Underwires are BAD for nursing moms. They cut off milk ducts and suck for so many reasons when it comes to actually nursing or pumping. Why can’t bra manufacturers design a nursing bra that makes the gals look good, gives access to the gals for feeding AND doesn’t peek over the top of every single ever-loving top mom has? HUH? Tell me that, Hanes! I DEMAND AN ANSWER.

I should probably eat something before I head to the DMV to update my driver’s license and register to vote. (“I’m here shto reshister to vote. *hic* Give me a new license shtoo. You can’t deny me! I’m an *hic* mmmmmerican.”) But I’ll leave you with one last Good Thing: Now that mama can drink again, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these insightful slightly tipsy posts.

Well, I think it’s a good thing.


2 Responses

  1. i think we would get better results from drunken voters!

  2. Wow, congrats on fitting back into your old clothes already! Sheesh, it hasn’t even been two weeks yet! I think this proves on thing: the doctor was wrong; Jonas actually was a thirty-pound baby as you didn’t gain any actual weight. He’s very tiny for thirty pounds, though, so that’s good, right?

    Dude, I would love to hear you try to say “Barack Obama” while drunk… Baaahhhh-Rack Mabamba *hic*

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