Jonas Matthew

Born August 4, 2008 at 1:30pm

8 pounds 12 oz     21.5 inches long and a 14 inch head

I’ll post the full birth story later (with pics!). We got home Tuesday evening and I’m still getting used to the Newborn Schedule which basically revolves  around nursing lessons for Jonas followed up with pumping sessions for me. It’s a little frustrating and worrisome that he’s not nursing correctly but I have to remind myself that he’s all of three days old right now and these things take a little time. Luckily he does take the bottle of expressed milk so I know he’s getting something.

Anyway, as I said I’ll post the full whirlwind birth story later.

Time to go play with that other kid who’s wandering around looking for attention. (I kid, I kid. It’s less wandering than sulking in the corner. I’M KIDDING! I should just go…)


3 Responses

  1. congrats! good to see that jonas didn’t take your funny with him when he was expelled from your uterus.

  2. Many, many congrats! Great name! I look forward to hearing more about how the birth went for you and, yes, pictures, too! I remember my doula telling me that babies knows how to suck, but they need to be taught how to nurse. You’re doing great! With any luck I’ll be emailing you for advice about juggling the nursing newborn and the always moving toddler before the end of the month. Good job, mama!

  3. YEAHHHHHH congrats again :-)!!! Glad to see you posting again!

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