You wouldn’t find it crazy if YOU could do it.

In an effort to prove that I am in fact capable of addressing something other than the eternal question of “Why the hell am I still pregnant and not cuddling my little boy?,” I thought I’d throw a bit of crazy at you.


When I reheat things in the microwave, I like to set the counter thingie by seconds not minutes. Anyone can enter 1:00 but only those that are outside of the box thinkers get a sick thrill of superiority by converting it and enter 60. Or 90. Or *excited shudder* 75!!!


Unfortunately, 90 is where my fun ends. I would so very much love to enter 120 but as you all know that would only give me one minute and twenty seconds which is a full (pause for quick counting and math) 40 seconds less than I need. So here is my task for all you sciency/inventor type people:


Invent a microwave that has the option of entering ALL times by seconds, not just those under 1 minute 40 seconds. I’m sure I’m not the only Outside of the Box/Superior Feeling Thinker out there. There’s a wide market of blow-hards that would rush to the nearest super store to buy such a device. I would pay good money for one. Like upwards of $40 and such. That’s cold hard cash in your wallet, my friend.


I now return my mind to its wishful thinking of a successful doctor’s appointment where Dr. will be all, “Hey! You’re really far along, let’s just get you to the hospital tonight and get that kid outta ya! Whadya say?”


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