Kids of all ages = CRAZY

Because I’m too lazy to re-type what I later realized was a perfect entry about Jaden, I will cop out and copy and paste the following IM exchange:


Jess says: HAAA!!!!!! Do you feel like that with Jaden sometimes? 

 Marcoda says:

 Yes, just this morning in fact. 

Happily changing her diaper (for the second time I might add) and pick her up to pull up her pants and she breaks down compeltely into very loud sobs (real tears!)and screams. 
 Jess says: 
Maybe pantsless is the new pink? 
Marcoda says: 
“What??” I question frantically, “what? What’s wrong? Did I hurt your arm? Did you want to pull up your pants yourself? What? Why are you crying?” and she keeps screaming “no!” This goes on for roughly 30 seconds with Matt yelling across the hall: “What’s going on in there?” and me yelling back, “I don’t know!” 
At one point she starts to calm down, gives me a hug and lets me pull up her pants. 
 Jess says: 
What the heck??? 
Marcoda says: 
I have no idea what happened to piss her off so completely. 
Marcoda says: 
Kids is crazy 
Jess says: 
She’s a strange ‘un, that girl. Or all kids her age, I guess. 
Marcoda says: 
Kids of all ages=crazy









2 Responses

  1. here here…just wait till she hits MY daughters ripe old age of 7 going on a PMSing teenager who cries over anything and everything and thinks i am always attacking her!

  2. OHHH and now my son has multiple personalities…in the morning he asks why i have to go to work and asks me not to go and gets sad and needs hugs and kisses and then when i get home his alter DEVIL ego breaks out and tells me that he hates me, hits me, spits on me and tells me he is never coming out of his room… all ages = crazy is an understatement for this one!

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