Attention Co-worker people

YES: I’m still here! And YES: I know I’m still here. NO: you don’t need to point it out every time you see me. YES: you will get a snarky response from me because you, sir, are a dumb ass.

Oh, and my daughter is at this moment waiting at the dr’s office to get a neck injury checked out. (See how I used humor in the first paragraph to distract me from my absolute panic? I’m good like that.)


5 Responses

  1. so like what …errr you gonna like have that kid soon or what…

    i dare you to come over and kick my ass…would SOOOO be worth seeing you ;)….cuz i miss ya!

  2. Holy crap, you’re pregnant?!?!?!?!?

  3. har har. You girls are SOOOOO funny.

  4. See?! Doesn’t the “watched pot” syndrome suck?! I can’t go anywhere in our little area without hearing “oh my god, you’re still hangin’ in there, ha?!” (no actually I’ve had the baby, this is just an inflated basketball I am wearing around because I love your witty comments so much!), “can’t be long now?!” (well, that depends on whether or not labor can be caused by stupid comments from stupid people), and “you must be so uncomfortable” (really only my ears hurt from listening to stupid comments). Like I said in my blog, damn spectators!!!

  5. *cough*

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