Two more days; two more weeks; who’s counting anymore?

la·tentadjective 1. present but not visible, apparent, or actualized; existing as potential: latent ability.



la·bor noun 6. the physical effort and periodic uterine contractions of childbirth. 

7. the interval from the onset of these contractions to childbirth. 


I thought I’ve give a little more detail about yesterday’s a-doings. I promise I will post some lovely updates on Jaden after this because I’m sure you’re as sick of all this labor talk as I am.


You all know that I was having contractions every 2-5 minutes and they were getting strong. Especially when I stood up and walked. I thought for sure this was it but I didn’t want to call the doctor until they’d been regular for two hours. Even then I downplayed it: “Well, I mean, they could go away. Maybe I shouldn’t come in.” The nurse said, “Well, if you’re having contractions we need to see if they’re doing anything.” Me: “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Let’s set up the appointment and if they stop I’ll just cancel it.” See how I wasn’t getting my hopes up?


I got Matt and we headed home to grab some last minute things for the overnight bag (just in case) including the camera who’s memory stick needed to be cleared. And I wanted to shave my legs. Yes, priorities are right on target with me aren’t they? At this point I was still contracting but I could tell they weren’t as strong, though still every two minutes.


We got to the doctor’s office and they hooked me up to the contraction monitor machine thingie. (oh! And my blood pressure was higher than normal which I think is a sign of labor as well) The nurse was commenting on how cute my belly is and I told her my husband lovingly compares it to a medicine ball. (thanks, hun!) The nurse left and I laid there wondering if they’d pick up the contractions or if the contractions would stop and if they’d think I was making up the whole thing. That was my biggest fear: they’d think I was a liar who just wanted to get out of work. Which is only partly true. I was not lying but lord knows I wasn’t wanting to stay at work.  Doctor came in at one point and noted that I was looking a little pale so maybe something was happening. He also said that this time of the day was rare for false labor; usually that happens at night or early morning. Now my hope started to rise. He said they were going to keep monitoring for a little bit to see how the baby was reacting to the contractions. More hope! They could see I was having them and that I wasn’t lying! WHOO!


Then I got really hot and Matt fanned me with a magazine while we marveled at the little guy’s heart beat. Matt was very impressed with the rhythm and started making his own techno beats along with it.


Doc came back in and said we have a very happy baby; he didn’t seemed to be bothered at all by the contractions which is good. We don’t want a distressed baby. Then doctor checked my cervix (which is “way back there”! Translation: pain in the ass to get to and thus a little uncomfortable for me. Uncomfortable meaning “OW!”) and said I’m 2cm inside and 3 cm outside. Matt correctly interpreted this: “Which means we’re going home.” Doctor laughed and said, “yes, you’re going home.” He then explained that I’m in latent labor which means the contractions are doing something but it could be days before anything actually progresses towards active labor. I could go to the hospital but I’d just sit there for 5hours before they sent me home. Doctor seemed pleased with the progress and said he’s see me at next week’s appointment if nothing happened before then. I’m hoping at the next appointment I’ll be at 3 or 4 and we can get this thing moving.


I’m not going to lie. I was very depressed after the appointment. Let down and disappointed. I’ve said it before but this part of the pregnancy is so nerve racking. Constant monitoring and watching and not knowing and wanting it to be done because OH MY GOD! I’m so done carrying this kid around! Get it out! And then there’s the whole wanting to carry my baby on the outside. When I think “this could be it!” and find out I’m not necessarily any closer is just…sad. BUT, on the flip side (which is why I’m in a much better mood this morning): dude, I’m at 2cm 3 weeks before my due date! I was never at 2cm with J until I was at the hospital. And I’m still having contractions so maybe by next week I could be at 3 and then maybe they’ll send me to the hospital and we can get this thing going. Or I could sit at 2cm for the next 19 days and actually have my baby on his due date. Who knows? Plus, I went to the bathroom and, without getting graphic, there was more discharge than normal and it looked rather…mucusy so maybe that plug thing is starting to go away? I don’t know but I just grossed myself out so I apologize to all of you who had to read that.


Regardless of whether I’m losing the plug or not, I’m going to try to stay positive because my baby will be here in less than three weeks. THREE WEEKS!


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  1. fyi….WALK you and darling hubby take lovely daughter for a walk every night…i know its painfull and uncomfortable but after a week of contractions with my first born i went for a walk one night with my mom and the next afternoon daughter was born!!! WALK, SQUAT and SEX! and if all else fails you could try the whole “castor oil” theory….blech (and yes i did it!)

  2. I actually suggested a walk last night but hubby didn’t want it. His knee is killing him and we’re not sure why. The big baby. But maybe tonight Jaden and I will walk to the in-laws and then make Matt pick us up after “So You Think You Can Dance”.

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