What will probably be the first false alarm

I started having noticable contractions yesterday on the way home from work (around 5pm). Nothing major, only a few “uncomfortable” ones, mostly just tightening of my uterus.

1:15 am I woke up feeling stronger (but again, not strong), went to the bathroom and was up for the next two hours waiting and monitoring and eating Crunch Berries.

6:00 am woke up as usual, still feeling mild contractions similar to the middle of the night ones.

7:45 am driving Matt to work when I’m slammed with a definite strong one. That’s when I started keeping track.

It’s now 9:57 and I’ve been having consistant contractions (varying from strong to uncomfortable) every 2-5 minutes. I set up an appointment at 1:10 to see the doctor. Trying not to get my hopes up but I did grab my hospital bag this morning just in case.

Again, probably a false alarm but here’s hoping. Matt has always said my due date was off (not sure why, it’s just a feeling he has) and he’s got his “I Told You So” dance ready if this is “IT”. I hope he saves the dance for after the baby’s born. Dancing in the delivery room may earn him a punch in the arm.

Update: 2:35pm:
hey sent me home. I’m at 2 cm and what’s called “latent labor” which means my contractions are doing something but who knows when things will actually happen. Could be tonight; could be two weeks from now.

In short: I’m coming to work tomorrow unless I have the baby tonight. Which doesn’t look likely. And I’m still having contractions which probably won’t move things along any faster.



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  1. Hang in there, Maranda! I had latent ctx or prodromal labor for 6 days before The Toddler was born. I don’t mean to scare you with that info, but I would suggest resting, resting, resting as much as possible in order to save your energy for the ctx that actually get the business done when the time comes! I’m thinking good thoughts for you! After your little one arrives, that means I’m next on the list…uh oh!

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