Contractions, over night bags and mucus plugs

Had another round of stronger contractions yesterday. Almost mirrored Wednesday night’s bought but lasted longer. They stopped around 7:15 which means that they’d been going for almost two hours. After that, I ate dinner and packed my overnight bag. After cursing my handy-dandy “Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond” book I got from doctor’s office the last time I was pregnant. Their “What to pack” list consisted of 5 items:

  • “A favorite sweater”
  • “This book (You’ll need the contraction and birthing worksheets in the back)”
  • “Hair binder or clips to hold hair back away from your face”
  • “Baby’s going home outfit”
  • “Address book or list of people to contact after the birth”

Apparently I’m expected to go home naked or wearing the hospital gown. So, I took matters into my own hands and threw in the baby’s going home outfits (yes, plural in case my first choice doesn’t fit Nibbler), my clothes, a pair of socks, and a hair binder and clips to hold my hair back away from my face. I’ll need to throw in a movie (I’m thinking of taking Matt’s suggestion and grabbing Season 2 of The Venture Bros. That’ll make the nursing staff nice and uncomfortable.), my toothbrush, deodorant, makeup and a notebook before we actually go. Oh and the camera. Might want that at some point.

The nice thing about the second time around is you don’t end up packing stupid stuff like a book or your Game Boy Advance. Yeah, tip to future birthing women: Don’t bother with a book. You’re not going to read it. You’ll either be in labor, gazing lovingly at your new baby, regailing visitors with the heroic tale of your 36 hour labor and forcep delivery (“I almost needed a blood transfusion! Bow before my awesome birthing skills. And go get me a brownie.”) or sleeping. If you have a strange inclination to grab your Game Boy Advance to “keep the father/birthing coach” entertained, throw the game boy somewhere in the back of your closet and never think of it again. YOU are their entertainment. What’s more entertaining than watching the woman you love sweat and curse and moan? Wait…that didn’t come out right. I meant in PAIN, not in the naughty way. Birth Coach’s job is to tell you how good you’re doing and get you pillows and birthing balls and reassure you that smeared mascara is totally what all the hollywood starlets are sporting now a days.

So yea, um, bag’s mostly packed.

Now that the bag is packed, I feel much better. I also ordered a moses basket and some nipple cream and some more baby clothes yesterday so that should be coming soon and it also makes me feel better and more ready. This weekend it’s The Great Search for Bottles and Bibs that will take place in our storage room amongst totes of Jaden’s baby clothes. We’ll need a team of 5 seasoned explorers, mosquito netting, torches and Jaden’s treasure map. (That thing has lead us to numerous lost items.)  I’m not sure this is part of the nesting thing or if I’m still in Freak Out Get Ready mode. I’m leaning more towards “freak out get ready mode” because last night I dreamt I lost my mucus plug.

While staying at a mental hosptial.

And having the (male) doctors monitoring my waste expulsion and agreeing that “yes, that is the bloody show”.

If THAT is the bloody show, I don’t want it. My god, it was like I was peeing cherry kool-aid.

I realized it had been awhile since I got a little too graphic and personal in my blog. I hope this makes up for it.

I’m thinking that now I’ve got my bag packed, going to have the bottles sterilized this weekend and picking up my breast pump parts, I won’t have this kid or even feel another contraction for another month and a half.

The flip side to that is since Jess is out of town and my moses basket isn’t scheduled for “in store delivery” until sometime between July 28-August 4, I’ll have the baby this weekend. BEFORE I get the bottles cleaned of course.

Here’s hoping the mucus plug stays in place for a few more days at least so I can get the bottles and Jess can get back in time.

And that I stay out of any mental institutions for awhile.


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  1. I’m back! You may have the baby now. And thank you (and Nibbler) for waiting. 🙂

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