Reality is a 7 letter word

You may not know this but I’m having a baby. Like, soon. As in any day could be The Day. I’m telling you this because you may not have had the sudden realization I had last night around 6 o’clock after a few hours of strong-er contractions. Call me inattentive or distracted or just plain “drrrrr” but the reality that we’re going to have a new baby is finally sinking in.


Yes, I know I’m pregnant (obviously) but knowing you’re going to have a baby and REALIZING you’re going to have a baby are two different things. I think the realization hit me a little earlier with Jaden. With her I had all this time to reflect and think about the changes that were coming. This time, it’s so different. Let’s recap the year since Husband and I got married in September:

  • Married 9/8/07
  • Knocked up sometime in November
  • Threat of unemployment in December
  • Discovery of knocked upedness mid-December
  • New job/position in January
  • House hunting, packing, buying house and moving January through April
  • Settling into the house and prepping for house warming April through May
  • Housewarming in May
  • Baby shower in June which coincided with visit from cousins
  • Jaden’s birthday party in June
  • Matt out of town in July
  • Having a baby anytime between now and sometime in mid-August
  • First wedding anniversary in 9/8/08


Where in there was I supposed to find time to reflect on a new baby? I’m still surprised I managed to badger Matt into putting the crib up and honestly, the only reason that happened when it did is because of the house warming party. If not for that party, we’d probably be putting it up this weekend. Again, “We” meaning Matt. Instead, this weekend we’re (this time meaning “I”) packing the hospital bag and bringing up baby crap from the basement. Suddenly, our Time Left Until Baby seems very short.


Yesterday I had Braxton hicks contractions of the very mild variety. Nothing big or painful, just twinges and tightening. Then around 2pm they felt stronger and I had about 5 of them or so within the hour. As soon as I told Matt he’d probably have to drive home, they went away. Figures. I pick him up from work, he asks if I want him to drive and I told him, “No, I’m not having them anymore.” As soon as we hit the highway, they start up again and they’re getting stronger. Stronger than they were that afternoon anyway. There’s no pattern but they seem to be coming every 1-5 minutes but varying in strength and duration. We’re about 15 minutes from home when I actually start counting the duration of the contractions and they’re around 30-45 seconds long. (Rule of labor: Contractions have to be 1 minute long, 5 minutes a part for 1-2 hours before calling the doctor.) (Rule of MY labor: Contractions can be as long as they damn well please and will come every 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Don’t call the doctor until you’ve had them for a few hours at least.) By the time I get to Matt’s parents’ house, they’re definitely stronger than I’ve experienced thus far and so I empty the old bladder, grab a bottle of water and lay down on the couch. Matt’s mom comes to check on me and asks if they’re going into my back and I say no they’re not but I didn’t have back labor with Jaden either. Then she kind of shakes her head in a “oh, duh” kind of way and says something about how not everyone gets back labor. Right. Exactly. And no, I haven’t passed the mucus plug but, again, didn’t with Jaden until we were at the hospital. (She keeps asking me about back pain and the damn mucus plug.) Eventually the contractions go away but I’m still in pain but now the pain is accompanied by odd gurgling sounds in my stomach: Gas. OK, gas isn’t labor. That’s good; I haven’t packed the hospital bag yet. (This bag suddenly seems very important. More important than actually getting to the hospital because we all know they won’t admit you without an overnight bag.) (I’m kidding.)


Matt comes down stairs to see how I’m doing and gives me a very nice kiss. He pulls away and smiles at me. I give it about 15 seconds before I tell him the contractions have turned to gas. He busts out laughing and I feel the need to explain “I haven’t PASSED any gas, it’s just bubbling around in there. Stop laughing!”


This is what sucks about this part of the pregnancy. Technically, I’m at term. Baby’s ready. He really could come at any time. So with every uterine twinge, back pain, trip to the bathroom, energy level check I’m looking for some sort of pattern. Unfortunately, all these “labor signs” are also regular pregnancy things. This is why “the pattern” is so crucial. I keep telling myself, “if it’s the real thing, I’ll know. I’ve been through labor, I know that The Pain is the factor.” BUT, it’s the lead up to The Pain that’s so annoying. Not knowing if this set of contractions will be The Lead Up to The Pain and if I should alert anyone other than Matt.


And then there’s Matt. Sweet wonderful awesome Matt. He cleaned the house last night while I stayed at his parents and watched “So You Think You Can Dance” (Go Katee and Joshua!). He also cleaned out the fish tank (and decaying fish. Ew.) and vacuumed. I had tried several times to clean while he was gone but I just can’t anymore. It’s too hard. I can barely walk from my car to the front door without getting winded. And bending to pick stuff up? I do it but I really shouldn’t because the effort I put forth in getting back up again is beyond pathetic. So instead of having the house all nice and gleaming clean when he got back from The Nort’, he came home to puzzle pieces, toy animals, junk mail, dirty dishes, a pizza box, clothes (both dirty AND clean) strewn from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen. I actually took him and Jaden out for burritos on Monday because I didn’t want to eat in the messy house. That’s how bad it was. But it’s clean now. Thanks to my wonderful husband.


I’m not trying to brag about my husband I’m just trying to convey how great he is and how patient he’s been through out this whole thing and how I hate telling him about contractions unless I think they’re going to be going somewhere because, honestly, I think he’s stressed enough. On the other hand, I’m having his kid so the least he can do is hear my contraction reports. BUT, again, he’s more than carrying his weight in this whole thing.


I don’t know what I’m trying to say or what my point is other than these last three weeks suck. BUT, at the end of it, we’re going to have a baby. And two kids.


Holy shit. We’re having a baby.



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  2. Don’t forget that I also started a new job this year…

  3. And how are we feeling TODAY? Hang in there! 2nd time around sucks cuz you know when your NOT in labor but dying to be in labor….fyi sex worked for me the second time around. I had had enough of the braxton hix and said “lets hit the sack” 36 hours (roughly) later he was born! and pack your darn admittance errr…i mean overnight bag 🙂

  4. Yes, Mr. Bingmar, but this is all about ME! See the tag: Me!Me!Me! (love you!)

  5. […] aren’t passing performance inspections. For past reports on these malfunctions please look here and here. One expectation that has been met is that now that the hosptal overnight bag has been […]

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