The Big Day!

For Jaden The Preschooler. The other Big Day is still 29/22 days away.

This past Friday I woke Jaden a few minutes earlier than usual because it was the first day of school! First day of school! First day of school! (And yes, I had Nemo yelling this to his dad in my head all morning.) I had some bizarre expectation that getting ready would be easier than usual because she was so excited to go to school. Once again, I misjudged my daughter’s hatred for mornings. Screams, yells, pleading, bribing, whining and finally acceptance and we were out the door:

getting ready to go

getting ready to go

Time to go!

Time to go!

I was beyond the excited/nervous mom but Jaden was all, “dude, we’re just going to school. No biggie.” Going to school was no big thing but god-forbid I try and get a picture of my big girl:

"I don't want to take a picture!!"

"I don't want to take a picture!!"

But then I offered a nice bribe and got the “First Day of School” pic I was so desperate for:

Will smile for fruit snacks

Will smile for fruit snacks

A short five minute drive later and we were at school. I took several deep breaths while Jaden shrieked with glee, “That’s my school!” One final deep breath and I got her out of the car and we went inside:

Can we go in now?

Can we go in now?

It was very cute. When got inside this was waiting for us:

I got more thrill out of this than Jaden

I got more thrill out of this than Jaden mostly because I was still worried they'd forget we were starting that day and would be all "Sorry, go home. We don't want you around here."

She made herself right at home. She showed her teacher her new backpack and then hung up the back pack on her own little hook in her little cubby with her name on it. I told her teacher that the potty training is not really happening but she’s getting much better about telling us when she’s dirty. Then to validate myself and not appear like the bad mother I knew the teacher was thinking I was I added, “I’ve talked to her pediatrician and he says not to push it because with the baby coming she’d probably regress anyway.” I still think she was judging me but I’m also paranoid. Then Jaden gave me a hug and a kiss and took her teacher’s hand and walked away from me to join the other early arrivers in the other room. I headed for the door as quickly as I could because the tears were already forming. By the time I got to my car, this was me:

"My Baby!"

"My Baby!" Thoughts going through my head: "What if they can't understand her? What if she doesn't tell them when she's wet? What if she doesn't sit on the potty? What if she just won't keep the toys out of her mouth? What if she misses me? WILL she miss me???"

but really? This is what I kept thinking about:

and yes, I am an idiot who for a very long time kept turning the camera vertically because I’m stupid and didn’t realize the camera doesn’t flip it backfor me or whatever. And no, I haven’t learned. This was taken last weekend:

ANYWAY, I made it through the day without too much distress and only called to check on her once. She was doing fine and was napping at that moment. They’d gone on a field trip (really a walk around the neighborhood) and with the heat and everything the kids went right to sleep. When I came to pick her up they said she was a little sad around 5 o’clock but other than that she was fine. I came around the corner and said, “J? Hello!” Her face lit up, her mouth opened wide in a huge gasp and she cried out, “MOMMY! DAT’S MY MOMMY!!!” and ran over and clung on to my leg. Yeah, she missed me and I’m not ashamed to admit I was more than a little happy with that reception.

I tried asking her about her day but couldn’t get much out of her. If you ask her now she’ll go on and on about seeing “da brogs” which irritates the crap out of me because she did NOT see any frogs. All she saw was a poster with little frog cut-outs with kids’ names written on them in the vestibule where they were playing a cd of nature noises which included frogs chirping and stuff. So the highlight of her day was a cheap ass poster and a nature sounds CD. Completely worth the $60/day tuition.

BUT, all in all she had fun (with the exception of missing me around 5, which Jaden told me about and I hugged her tight and told her it was ok and I will always come back and get her while thinking wickedly, “damn right you missed me!”) and is excited to go back again.

I declare the first day a win!


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  1. Good job, Mama! It is so hard to leave them that first day, isn’t it?! I love the pictures you posted and your colorful narrative of the day from start to finish. When we dropped The Toddler off, I would have been much more emotional if The Husband hadn’t been with me and done some serious distracting. Pshaw on the woman and her opinion of the potty training. Every child is different and you know that. I bet you will see J get much more into the whole potty scene now that she is at school, sees other kids doing it, etc. For us, The Toddler has definitely shown an increased interest since starting pre-school just one day per week. She asks to sit on the potty now even though it is rare for anything to happen while she is sitting there other than her saying “push” and then “all done”. I think she only thinks of the potty after she has peed or pooped but, hey, it is a start, just like it is for J!

    I hope I’m not overstepping any bounds here, but I am a bit of a car seat fanatic and I wanted to suggest that you double check the height and weight limit on the carseat in which you have J. In just looking at the picture and being stunned by her smile I also noticed two things. The shoulder strap slots shout be above, not below, her shoulders when forward facing and it looks to me as though her head is higher than is usually suggested for most convertible seats. Perhaps she is in a booster seat instead (I can’t tell from the picture) and I don’t know the guidelines on those (yet), but I did want to say a friendly “check it out” when you have a moment. I would hate for anything to happen and for the seat not to have been the proper fit. If you’re unsure at all and/or don’t have the seat manual, then I would suggest contacting a car seat tech from this website: If I’ve overstepped my bounds, please tell me to “bugger off” and I’ll understand.

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