A Day in the Life (of Marcoda Bingmar)

I’ve been a little behind in my updates: J’s 3rd birthday party, The Belly, and Fourth of July for starters. The reasons for slacking on these is because I have so many pictures and videos I’d like to share with you but I haven’t had time to get down to the basement where the pics are stored in order to upload them and post a decent update. You see, there’s a reason most of my posts are mostly text and very little graphics: I work full-time then go home and do the mom/wife thing. It’s very easy to throw a quit post up at work while I’m either at lunch or waiting for some slow ass system to pull the data I need (like now for instance).


In an effort to defend my lack of pictures and time, I give you:

A Day in the Life (of Marcoda Bingmar)


5:40am: Wake up, curse diet, say good morning to rolly polly Nibbler

5:42am: Scavenge for two articles of clothing (preferably one for the top half and one for the bottom half) that both match and cover my giant belly.

5:45am: Pee

5:47-6am: measure out and eat cereal. Peel and eat egg. Check weather and blogs. Curse diet.

6-6:15am: Prepare lunch. Curse diet.

6:15-6:30am: Comb hair/throw in ponytail, apply eyeliner and mascara. Brush teeth.

6:30-6:55am: Get First Born up, dressed, groomed and waiting by the door. Continuously remind Husband “it’s time to get up,” “10 minutes,” “5 minutes,” “Ok, we REALLY have to go now!”

6:56am: Shit! Feed the fish.

6:57am: “Did you feed Polly?” “No.” (inner monologue: “I’ve been getting the rest of the family up and ready. Sorry I didn’t huff my way to the basement. Hissssss.”) Husband feeds  cat while I get kid out to the car.

7am: Drop J off at Gramma’s (soon to be Pre-school on Fridays. *SOB*)

7:05-7:35am: Drive to Husband’s office. Drop off Husband, kisses, wishes for good day, etc.

7:35-7:55am: Drive to work.

7:56-7:57am: heave self out of car, waddle and huff and puff into building, up the elevator and to desk.

8-9:30am: work work work

9:30-9:35am: Snack. Curse diet.

9:35-11:30am: work work work

11:30am-noonish: lunch, update blog, read blogs, curse diet

Noonish-3:30pm: work work work

3:30-3:35pm: snack. Curse diet.

3:35-4:30pm: work work work

4:30-4:50pm: Drive to pick up husband, kisses, how was your day, etc.

4:50-anywhere between 5:15 and 5:55pm: CURSE YOU TRAFFIC!!! I HAVE TO PEE SO BAD! GOD I HATE THE RADIO! GROWL BOO HISS, etc.

6:00-8:00pm: dinner, family time, general whining on the couch, cursing of diet

8:00-8:30: J’s bedtime routine including jammies, teeth brushing, lotioning of and putting of socks on her hands, story, and then laying with her until she falls asleep (generally 5 minutes)

8:30-9: sleep in J’s bed until Husband comes to wake me

9-10: spend some time with husband OR

9pm-5:40am: sleep with regular intervals of peeing and cursing cat.


5:40am: REPEAT


That’s a NORMAL day. Some days I manage to cram in a 15 minute shower in the mornings and Jaden gets a bath in the evenings. Until tomorrow, Thursdays were the bane of our week as we had to leave the house at 6:30 in order to get to MY mom’s house who lives 15 minutes away instead of 45 seconds which adds a total 30 minutes to our commute in the morning because we’re going north to my mom’s then back south (in essence, back tracking) to get to work. Ugh.


The big question: How the hell are we going to factor in an infant with the nursing and changing and blarg!!??




SO, (getting back to the point of this beyond procrastinating post) really the only time I have to get some pics posted (CRAP! I’ve been meaning to set up a photo sharing account for the family too. For, like, 3 years now.) is on the weekend after J’s in bed provided I don’t pass out in her bed with her. And if I feel like it. I’m thinking since Husband will be out bonding with the boys and getting back to nature and all that crap I’ll have nothing to do* so I’ll take the opportunity to update away. And perhaps open that photo sharing account much to my in-laws and friends’ delight. Huh. I’m actually excited about it.  In short: Prepare yourself for a virtual up-chucking of photos of my belly, Jaden, her friends, and my family. WHOO!


*Except rent Pretty In Pink because I’ve been jonesing for some Molly Ringwald 80’s fun.


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