Milestone Monday 7/7/08 (35 Days to go!*)

Hope ya’ll had a wonderful holiday (those in the States). We spent some fun time with the family and Jaden got to see daddy pyro it up with some crazy fire works. He came close to catching my mom’s tree on fire only once. I call that a success. Anyway, things are progressing along nicely with this whole pregnancy thing. Trying not to focus on a) Matt not being home or anywhere near a cell phone tower for four days this weekend and the very small but very real possibility baby may come early or b) I still have a freaking month left!? Are you kidding??

See how the crazy has not left me, even a little? That’s a good jumping point to:


Milestone 1: Adventures in hormones. Up and down and all around, where she’ll stop nobody knows! Ya’ll saw my last really crabby hormone-induced rant but you should know I also had some happy times too. Mostly brought on by my first born who is no shortage of awesome and hilarity (including her holding up her shirt and saying she’s got a baby in her tummy too and asking if I want to feel it move. Can you say “melt”?) But, let’s not forget that the rollercoaster is very much in play at all times:

This weekend Matt went to help a friend paint his bedroom. The following exchange took place:

Me: “When are you going to be home?”

Him: “I dunno. Why? Did you have something planned?”

Me: “Well no, but you’re going to be gone all next weekend (tears welling) and…well, I’m going to miss you.”

Him: “Oh, sweetie.”

Me: (tears gone as I notice the cheese on the counter) “Would you put the freakin cheese away? What is the matter with you!?”

Him: “YOU left it out!”

Me: “Oh! I’m sorry!” (jump up, laughing and puts cheese away. Husband shakes his head in wonderment.)


Milestone 2:  I’m huge. Oh so very huge. My feet are starting to swell in the evenings. I’m having serious issues with shirts completely covering my belly. Then there’s the waddling. Normally (because there’s a such thing as “normal” in a pregnant woman’s mind) I have no problem with waddling. I don’t care and actually take an odd pride in the fact that I’m a cute pregnant woman waddling around trying to get where she needs to go because people give you a kind, knowing smile and you just feel…not-bloated-cow-like. That’s not the best way to describe it but that is NOT how I felt this morning when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some cottage cheese and wheat thins. Waddling around the store past the dozen or so employees stocking the shelves, I felt very conspicuous and bloated-cow-like. There were a couple times I almost cried (see Hormone Craziness) with self pity: “Oh, just keep staring at the fat pregnant lady waddling through the store. You don’t know that she’s on a diet. For all you know she’s a big fat pregnant lady who has a crazy pregnancy craving and will probably eat this entire box of crackers in one sitting. Oh and maybe, because she is so Crazy Pregnant, she’ll use the cottage cheese as some sort of nasty ass dip!” Oh, yes, those were the exact thoughts that were going through my head as I waddled my way to and from the dairy aisle and paid for my food. Which I’m NOT going to eat in one sitting using the cottage cheese as some sort of dip because…Ew.

Then I get to work and my boss says (I am not embellishing. This is an exact quote.) “Wow, Marcoda! You’re…wow!” Then I put my hand on my hip and glower at him and say, “yeah?” Challenging him to continue. And he does. Because he’s thick. “You’re just…really getting out there, aren’t ya? I mean…wow.” Yes, you fucking moron. I, who am, over 8 months pregnant, DO have a large belly that’s barely covered with what used to be my favorite preggie shirt. And yes, I AM a little sensitive about it. You would think after having four pregnant women in his group over the last two years, he would have learned a little sensitivity. Never EVER have I wanted to hurt my boss (any boss) as much as I wanted to hurt him this morning. Grrrrrrr. Would someone please slip him a note with Marcoda’s Number One Rule For Dealing With a Pregnant Woman: “You look so great today!”? It may very well save his life.


Milestone 3: Let’s get an update on the diet, shall we? It’s not so bad. Yes, the first couple days were beyond the suckiness of any food related suckiness that isn’t nausea. But, I’ve overcome that obstacle and am very proud of myself for sticking to it so well. I gave myself a small break on the Fourth and ate several handfuls of Cool Ranch Doritos. The rest of the weekend, I was fairly disciplined. I stayed away from sweets and chips and such. I did allow myself a slightly larger helping of cereal in the morning (because I’m a rebel) and I had four bites of ice cream last night. And half a doughnut this morning. BUT, in my defense the diet says, “sugars in limited amounts.” I’d say four bites of ice cream and half a doughnut is pretty damned limited. And my boss drove me to the doughnut. I think even my doctor would forgive me that.


Milestone 4: My pants hurt.


Milestone 5: Parts of me are starting to freak out that the baby is going to be here VERY VERY soon and I still don’t have everything ready. I did pick out his going home outfit and a back up going home outfit in case my first choice is too big for him. So that’s good. HOWEVER, you know how I bought a bunch of baby clothes awhile back and have been either receiving or buying more myself? Turns out Nibbler has a lot of clothes but they’re very spaced out size-wise. This lead me to slightly freak out yesterday. SO, now I am in e-bay hell keeping an eye out for giant lots of baby clothes that are going for cheap. Of course, I can’t bid on anything until I get paid next week but still. Perhaps Jaden and I will go baby shopping this weekend while Daddy’s gone. If I end up spending his entire paycheck, oh well. Teach him to leave his pregnant wife for four days in the midst of a “we’re not ready!” freak out.


Milestone 6: Jaden is getting more interested in the baby. She loves hanging out in his room and playing with his bouncy seat. She heard “Braham’s Lullaby” on one of her bedtime cds and freaked out, “That’s! That’s! That’s on the baby’s rocking chair! That’s the song on the baby’s rocking chair!” She showed me the next day just in case I truly didn’t believe her. I’ve started talking about playing with the baby and asking if she’ll share her toys with the baby and stuff like that. She said she would but didn’t seem too thrilled about it. She’s more interested in holding the baby and feeding him. Which brings me to the interesting topic of explaining nursing to a three year old. I’m taking my usual approach of, “I’ll deal with it when it comes up.” Any tips for those who’ve dealt with this or are preparing to deal with it?


Milestone 7/Mission for my readers: I was going to put together a “best of” list for this pregnancy but as I started going through my archives I discovered why bloggers shouldn’t go through their archives: The urge to either edit or delete altogether is much too strong. So, I’m asking a favor of all (10) of you readers: take a gander at some old “milestones” and email me your favorite ones. I’ll compile a list of everyone’s (including mine; I’ll just have to ignore the delete button) and put it out as a special bonus Milestones post sometime in the next couple weeks. This is also a call-out to all my lurkers to de-lurk themselves. I won’t bite. I promise. If you could copy and paste the Milestone (just the individual milestones, not the entire entry) and the date of the entry itself in your email, that’d be great. Thanks.

Your pregnancy: 35 weeks

How your baby’s growing:

Your baby doesn’t have much room to maneuver now that he’s over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon). Because it’s so snug in your womb, he isn’t likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he’ll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.
Baby, fetus at 35 weeks - BabyCenter 

Dude! Did you see that? They totally called my baby fat!! Sure, he may be a little big for his age, but FAT? That’s just not nice. Especially to say about a baby. Shame on you, baby center!


I’m reading the archives of my favorite blog right now ( and just saw a pic of her 4D ultrasound of her first son. I welled up inside. It’s one thing to see these non-personal images from baby center but when you’ve been reading about a real person’s struggle with infertility and about her joy at being full-blown pregnant…it’s unreal. I can’t imagine how I would feel if it were my own baby. I don’t really have a point other than if you become or are pregnant and can afford one of these crazy 4D things, do it. It’s straight up amazing.


Nibbler, I don’t know what else I can possibly say to you to convey how much I love you and how excited I am for you to arrive. 28-35 days left. It’s going to fly by and then you’ll be here. Assuming all is well with you (we have no reason to believe otherwise, but still, mothers worry) we’ll be holding you in just under or just over a month. I got two words: cuddle cuddle. Oh you are going to get such a cuddling from everyone. I can almost smell you now. Sweet merciful crap, you’re almost here!!!


* or 28 days if we go August 4



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  1. Bossman is also craaa-zeee! Yes, you’re very, very pregnant (dur), but since the large babytummy is all baby and baby-related paraphernalia, and you haven’t gained an ounce of fat ANYWHERE else on you (lucky freak), you are absolutely NOT a fat pregnant lady. You’re a thin pregnant lady, which, until now, I didn’t know occurred outside of sitcoms.

    I should tell bossman’s wife; she’ll learn ’em. Hardcore.

  2. Hi there! Fantastic thought, but might this genuinely do the job?

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