Enough with the bathroom talk already

So I’ve been betrayed by the handicapable stall. That’s two stall betrayals in one week. What the hell?

This stall continually decides it doesn’t NEED to completely flush away the previous visitor’s balled up wad of toilet paper. It’s got some “identity issues” and someone needs to inform it that it is a toilet and this is its sole job: dispose of waste.

And so, I’m back to the first stall which, thankfully, no longer has blood on the seat.

I’m with you in hoping this is my last bathroom post for awhile.


2 Responses

  1. could be worse, i am panicky to use the restroom over here by my desk because one of the lights caused water to leak from the ceiling (dont ask how ???) so they have removed it so now there is this huge whole in the ceiling and i fear any man or animal up there….sickos!

  2. A raccoon is going to fall on your head one day. I just know it.

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