Google Search Results

The fun part for me is trying to figure out a) what they were hoping to find and b) what they thought when they came upon my blog. these are copied and pasted directly from my stats (I couldn’t make these up)

quack quack waddle waddle sing a duck so

nipple dreams

leela sex

“trust the bow tie”

boy bites girl

scary bathroom

how do guys go to the bathroom

away hours flowers thought

show stockings

“arouse your husband”

“nipple falls off” shower

poop stall

please remove your shoes mat

the average age for scrotum hair

suck my scrotum

“my foot under my chin”

“combine words into one”



2 Responses

  1. very interesting…gets a little “X” rated near the end there! That first one is cuz of me 😛 i do love that song!

  2. Can you please direct me to the scrotum hair entry? I too have been wondering what the average age of scrotum hair is. Four?

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