Re-writing the classics-Father’s Day Edition

Overheard once again from the dining room:

J: Old McDonald had a farm

Matt: Old Obama had a race, for the presidency.

J: NO! It’s Old MacDONALD!

Matt: Actually it’d be “Young Obama had a race…” OR “Old McCainey had a race for the presidency.”

Jaden is now singing “Old McNemo had a farm…”

And Matt is asking me what I did to her…

And now she’s running through the house calling “DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY!” which I pointed out puts the blame squarely on him.

Not having the best father figures growing up, seeing my husband in action is beyond miraculous to me. In my mind, fathers didn’t get a hoot about their kids unless it was convenient for them. Matt is a Father, the way a Father should be. The way women around the world invision the father of their children to be. He dotes but disciplines, plays and cleans, praises and reprimands.

And he’s beyond excited to double the fathering fun. And did I mention he carried me through a hail storm last night when his second child was becoming a little too much for me?

Matt, there’s no way to express how wonderful you are. And how much I love your latest rendition of “Old MacDonald” which now involves “laying seed in his wife.” and some not-too-PG-rated sound effects. Or teaching Jaden “So Fresh and So Clean”. Good times.

Happy Father’s Day.

Let’s dump the kid off at my sisters’ and go see The Hulk.


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