File this under “over reactions by Marcoda”

If you ask my husband, I tend to over react to really unimportant things. I also do this with important stuff, but really, I spend too much energy sweating the little things.


Like the slang word “chillax”.* Prepare yourself for a completely illogical argument about the use of this word.


I first heard this word on Futurama years ago. I thought it was hilarious that in the future slang would evolve to the point where one would combine words into one. Or something like that. I laughed a lot. And may have been high. Whatever. It’s funny.


Not long ago (within the past year) I’ve heard people in a certain age group (ahem, younger than me by a few years) using this term and at first I was all, ‘HA! That’s great! Way to recognize Futurama’s genius! Power to the nerds!’




I realized these people have not seen Futurama. Where did they find this awesome word? Did they over hear a “true” nerd say it and thus adopted it as their own “cool” word?




I know I’m irrational. I know there is plenty of slang out there whose origins have been lost to the ages and have worked their way into every day language (“ain’t,” anyone?). However, I have a deep and profound love of the wittiness that is Futurama and I demand it be recognized. I’m not sure how to go about doing this. Perhaps all fans should wear buttons proclaiming their admiration so that when they use terms from the show, fellow fans won’t feel the need to inflict bodily harm. Those that do not have a button will be fair game to all fans who know the truth!


In my research for “Slang to Be On the Alert For”, I came across some interesting reading:


Parodied in Futurama; the slang is the same as now, except that one sound is substituted for another. So they’ll say “Spluh!” instead of “Duh!”. Stigmatized pronunciations like “aks” (for “ask”) and “Exmas” (for “Christmas”) have become mainstream. (This is based on a real phenomenon; “wasp” and “bird” used to be “waps” and “bridd”, and the pronunciation of many words has changed to fit the spelling.)


Now, I can’t actually view this page here at work, but I’ve seen it before and I’m assuming it has a good list of “Slang to Be On the Alert For”. It includes origins as well.


I request this of those who come across my blog or, godz forbid, see me in person: if I unintentionally use a word from one of your favorite tv shows, movies, or literary works, please inform me of my crime and give me a reference. I can’t hate on others and not expect a little something coming my way. That’s just messing with Karma. And ain’t NOBODY needing that.



*Don’t even get me started on the word “ginormous”. This one makes my ass twitch. Grrr. I hates it. So much in fact that it almost ruins ‘Elf’ for me. Almost. It’s still a durn cute movie.



2 Responses

  1. Chillax! If you aks me, it’s not a ginormous dealio. Ooh look, a bridd.

  2. ps: My previous comment was revenge for making me cry with your “J starting school” post. Experience my wrath!

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