Friday Afternoon Bore-o-rama

Christ. it’s come to this. I hate myself.

What are you:

Admiring: Those who have the gumption to work from home. 

Beating myself up about: Not signing up J for preschool yet.

Crying over: Sappy blog entries from this little lady 

Daydreaming about: Home. Beautiful glorious home.

Excited because: I get to play my game tonight! If I stay awake for it!

Frustrated because: I don’t know how to deal with Jaden’s jealousy with the baby but mostly I’m frustrated because I’m getting myself worked up over something that may not happen and thus I will be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy!!

Grumpy because: Matt has to work until tomorrow morning. Meaning at least 1am tonight!! This better make for a GREAT paycheck next week.

Hate-filled and seething over: Democrats who would rather vote for McCain than “the other guy” and don’t realize that this is more important than ONE person.

Indignant because: Maybe I don’t WANT to cook and freeze meals before the baby comes? Ever think about that?

Just shoot me now because: I really don’t want to clean the kitchen and that would give me a GREAT excuse.

Kidding myself regarding: any real talent at designing our team website. How much longer can I fake it before someone calls me out for the big fat fakey faker I am?

Listening to: The eerie silence of the office. And the friggen Backyardigans that WON’T stay the hell out of my head already!

Mooning over: White Russian Milkshakes

Need: Food. In our cupboards. And a white russian milkshake. And Pork Fried Rice…mmmmmmm.

Obsessing over: Potential Sibling Jealousy

Praying: that we can keep up the mortgage paying game. Somehow the second mortgage check wasn’t as momentous as the first one

Questioning: Seriously? WHY can’t I work from home?

Reading: Blogs. I need some books. PLEASE.

Singing: nothing at the moment but wait til you get me home and Jaden and I enter full Opera Mode 

Trying: to appear busy. Don’t think I’m succeeding…

Unnerved by:
not having my cell phone anymore. What if something happens while I’m driving and Matt’s NOT in the car yet??

Viewing: A lone bird flying slowing and laboriously through the windy, storm cloud filled sky.

Wondering: When the heck I can go drinking with Jessie someplace cheap and with happy hour and appetizers and near St. Paul!

X-rated action: HA! Not bloody likely. I can maneuver this belly around the bathroom stall door let alone any romantical positions.

Yawning over: today. Can you tell i’m done with it?

Zoinks: I’ve got to figure out a way to get my sitter out of my house as soon as I get home. NO! I don’t want to socialize. I’m an evil cranky pregnant woman. TREMBLE AND FEAR ME!! GRAW!!!


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  1. Good luck with that last one. Really, really good luck with that last one. Really.

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