Are you happy with your career choice?

I was reading a delightful little blog just now (on my lunch break, calm down) and it reminded that, holy crap, I should schedule Jaden’s 3 year check up. So called and this is the conversation:

“Pediatrician’s Answering Service.”

(speed of thought is awesome. Here’s my thought at hearing this: “Answering service? Surely they can schedule a quick appointment, the easiest part of a receptionist’s job. Why else are they there?”)

“Hi, I’d like to schedule an appointment for my daughter’s three year check up.”

“They just stepped out for lunch. They should be back around 10 after 1.”

(again, thought: “I don’t need it now. Not for a couple weeks. OH! She’s telling me to call back!”)

“So I should just call back.”

“Yes, they’ll be able to help you then.”

“Ok, thanks.” *click*

Mused aloud so my co-workers can get an insight into my life: “So, really an answering service’s job is to tell us to call back. Not ACTUALLY take a message or anything.”

Now I have to wonder how much they’re paying this answering service to answer the phone and tell people to call back when really, they could spend $20 and get an answering MACHINE.

Then I wonder, could I do that job at home? And how much does it pay?

Edited to Add: It’s now 2:59. Guess who forgot to call back at 10 after 1.

Edited again to add: My confidence is not boosted by the fact that receptionist keeps calling her computer “the machine”. Yikes.


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  1. Dude, that’s sad. I wonder if they realize that they could get the same message across by letting the phone ring while they’re gone. “Hm, no one is answering. I guess they aren’t there and I should call back later.”

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