One little evening makes all the difference

Jaden has been driving me up the wall with her sassy little almost-three years old attitude lately. It’s hard to put into words. She’s just “testing her limits” and “stretching her boundries” and “finding her voice” and “pissing off mom and dad”. I know all the lingo and reasoning behind this. But it’s very frustrating and doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the coming years because, as I hear it from others, the sassiness sets in and doesn’t go away. At least with girls. I’ve heard boys lack the attitude and are just rambunctious little heathens.

Why did I want another kid?

BUT last night gave me cause to think that maybe Three won’t be as terrible as I thought and perhaps as good as One and Two were.* Jaden was an absolute angel. She listened to every thing I said and complied with every request.** What really threw me into squeaking exclamations of proud motherhood was when I tossed her jammie shorts at her and said, “Here, try putting these on. I’m going to go throw your diaper away. I’ll be right back.” I came back and not only were the shorts on correctly without any frustrated yells from the little tot but she was also turning her shirt around in an attempt to find the right hole to put her head in. I told her I was very proud of her for putting her shorts on and asked if she was going to put her shirt on. “yeah, I just putting it on.” I sat next to her and resisted the instinct to reach out and guide her. The only help she got from me was when she tried putting her head through the neck hole first rather than going in from the bottom. I just pointed to the correct hole and suggested, “Try putting your head in there.” She did the rest: Pulled it over her head and put her arms in each hole. I have no idea if the printed tag was in back or in front. I didn’t care. My little girl dressed herself.

I mean, my sassy pants BIG girl dressed herself.


*I honestly don’t see how it could be better because I adored One and Two (and the lack of talking. Oh, I kid.)

**except getting mom a glass of water to which I got the response “Just a second. I watching Yady and da Twamp.” then “I said, just a second!” I swear I don’t know where she’s heard that before.


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  1. tehe…whats better is “mommy i gonna go potty now” after he wakes up and i say “ok bubby, your clothes for today are on your bed” and he says ” i put my jammies in the hamper” “yes sweetie you do!” ….love it 🙂 not to mention all the help that i get from my big 7 year old and she does it with smiles (most of the time)! A simple reward of a bowl of ice cream is all she asks in return!

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