J-Bird Outgrowing the Nest?

There are so many things I’d like to tell you about my J but words just don’t seem to do her justice. I have a goal to give a weekly update on her but so much happens during the week that by the time I get to updating, it’s all out of date. She’s growing so fast and her little mind is just racing expanding and filling up. Which brings us to the dilema of the last week (ok, much longer than that but it’s come to a head this week):


Jaden has spent her entire life in the loving embrace of her grandparents. Most of the week she’s with Matt’s mom and Thursdays she’s with my mom. This is great for the early years when kids need lots of cuddles and one on one time. Jaden, however, will be three next month and I can see her craving fmore. Mostly in the realm of other companions her age. She’s got her cousin, but that’s really it. She’s also been asking to go to school. When we drive to her gramma’s house every morning and she sees the yellow school buses she says, “Those are kids going to school. I go to school and see the kids?”

In addition to kids, she needs more educational prep for kindergarten. She’s so smart (every mom says that, I know) and I see a lot of potential in her but she needs to have that learning energy focused.

Today we toured a daycare center. Jaden was SO excited to go to school, even for just a little while. First we had to go into the director’s office and while the director and I were talking Jaden was watching the kids playing through a little window in the office and kept asking to go see the kids. (She obviously gets her need to for social stimulus from her father.) So we went out and she joined right in the group circle where they were discussing the calendar and the weather and what not. The director and I toured the rest of the facility while Jaden got a taste of what school is like. When we were done with the tour, I saw Jaden walking with the rest of a small group of kids and sat at a small table to play a shape matching game. I didn’t want to take her away from it right away so I sat with her and watched the game progress. It was a simple enough game where the teacher gave each student some shapes with different patterns on them and then she would hold up a shape with a pattern on it and ask the kids who had a shape that matched exactly. Jaden caught on right away (which I thought was pretty cool considering this was her first time playing and I’m sure the other kids had played it before at some point) and I saw this sparkle in her that came from playing and learning with other kids her age.

After the game we left and she said good bye and all the kids called back, “Bye, Jaden!”

I’m sure it’s the hormones but I almost cried several times during the visit thinking about all this would do for my little first born.

Pros: The center looks to have a great curriculum and encourages parental participation and gives them activities to do at home to continue the progress when they’re not at school. The meal menu is very diverse and nutritional (no worries about PB&J every day. Like at home…cough). The kids all seemed very well behaved and listened well to the teachers who all have years of experience and I could tell they really knew what they were doing and engaged the kids in a variety of activities.


It ain’t cheap. I’m sure we could do it. We’re saving a ton of money carpooling and cutting out my cell phone. However, we also have more home expenses what with the new house and all. Plus, we need to talk to Matt’s mom to see how much she’ll be charging for both kids and if she’ll be willing to watch Nibbler all week (My mom needs to give up her Thursdays) because we can’t afford to have both kids in the center. We’re talking almost $300 a week for just TWO DAYS for the two of them. The director told me we could even do just one day a week if we wanted. They’re very flexible and we could even switch it up from week to week; one day one week and two days the next week, etc…

We’re touring another center tomorrow but unless it REALLY wows me and there’s a HUGE price difference, we may have found a good school for Jaden. There are other options we’re looking into. I just want to get Jaden into some sort of learning environment. After this morning, I see how much she needs and wants it. Plus, I’m not ashamed to admit, I want to hang cheesy art projects up on the fridge and at my desk.


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