Why does my body hate me?

I should be more specific? Why does my immune system suck serious donkey ass? I’ve been battling a beyond wicked cough for over a month (mentioned in my last milestones) and this morning? I wake up with a cold I’m pretty sure got sent special from my daughter.

At the risk of sounding pathetic I ask one question:

Why me?


2 Responses

  1. when I was pregnant with Hannah I had a cough that was horrible and didnt go away till she was born, hopefully its not the same for you and yours goes away soon. I think mine started around 30 weeks, I remember wanting to rip out my lungs and hardly got sleep because of the darn cough. i hope you feel better soon! The things we go threw for motherhood.

  2. You KNOW I feel your pain. Hugs.

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