Quick Gripe

I’ve made no false impressions that I’ve been following all the “pregnancy rules”. (In fact, let me take my prenatal vitamin real quick. Ok, that’s out of the way.) I don’t smoke, I don’t drink (other than a glass of wine at a wedding a couple weeks ago and a sip of Matt’s beer which I will include in my milestone post later) I don’t shoot up or anything. I try to eat healthy-ish and cut down on my starches and sugar. That said, I do enjoy my caffeine. It’s not so much that I enjoy it but more of I need it to survive. I don’t over do it. I drink MAYBE one cup of coffee a day (or a small mocha from caribou) and generally it’s not even every day.

My point? I’m tired of feeling pregnancy guilt when I go to the vending machine and buy myself a Cola drink. If someone’s in the “galley” I almost try to hide my purchase and hope they don’t see it and assume I’m buying the 7up or the ice tea. And add the fact that I purchased a snack of Gardetto’s and dear lord, I’m a sinful preggie.

This is mostly my paranoia, I know. Mostly I get cute little smiles from people who are thinking, “Oh, she’s pregnant. That’s wonderful!” but I can’t help but think they’re also thinking, “Is she really going to drink that caffeine filled soda?” and I want to scream, “DON’T JUDGE ME! Caffeine is the one thing I CAN have right now that’s even remotely bad for me so back off!”

Have other current and former preggies felt this paranoia? For the non-preggie set, do you find yourself judging pregnant women you see out and about, even if you feel bad about it?


One Response

  1. When I was in college and worked at a coffee shop on campus, there was a pregnant woman who stopped in every morning and got a cappuccino. She was a professor of some sort of science, which meant she must have had various degrees and knew crazy science-y stuff, so I just assumed it was ok. She must have known what she was doing.

    People are going to judge because people suck, but most likely most of the people who see you buying soda or coffee aren’t judging so don’t feel guilty. Anyone who actually matters knows that you’re a great preggie and a great mom and are taking fine care of yourself. Poo on the rest of the world.

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