Favorite Scrubs Moments-volume 1

I watched one episode the other night and since then I can’t get the following exchange out of my head. And it still makes me giggle inside everytime I hear it:

Elliot and Carla are at a table together.

Elliot: Those Gyno Girls are really putting the pressure on. We must have looked at a hundred women’s bajingos today! Bajingo, bajingo, bajingo! I mean, I can’t even look at my own bajingo, you know?

She takes a sip of her coffee.

Carla: Is that because it looks so much like a vagina?

Elliot sputters in surprise.

Elliot: [hissing] Carla! There’s people!


One Response

  1. I love when Elliot uses “her” words to describe male and female parts 😀

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