I hate these men (and woman) so much

Bush’s response to our energy crisis?

DRILL IN ANWAR. Nevermind that the oil in Alaska will last us maybe 6 months and will do NOTHING to bring down the over all cost of oil. It will be added to the world’s oil supply and will contribute AT MOST 1% of the overall oil supply which is so not even close to making a dent in oil prices AND does NOTHING to alleviate our dependence on oil (foreign or otherwise). And he’s saying CONGRESS isn’t responding to the plight of the American People? Are you f***ing kidding me?


McCain’s response to our energy crisis?

A Gas Tax HOLIDAY for three months this summer. 5% of the price of gas goes to our infrastructure. 5% over three months (as Obama points out) will save us $25. By this summer, that will be roughly half a tank of gas for the average sedan.


Clinton’s response to Obama’s non-support of this “Gas Tax Holiday”?

He’s out of touch with poor people.




If, IF (a big fat fucking IF) Clinton gets the nomination I will grit my teeth and vote for her. I will. I promise the American people that I will do my part to keep another Republican from entering that Oval Office but rest assured it will only be because if McCain gets this, my faith in our democratic system will be completely destroyed and I love this country too much to even consider that happening. As much as I know there are forces at work as we speak to steal yet another election (see the new Supreme Court Ruling on Voter ID), I just can’t let my heart believe that this country is completely forfeit. I really don’t know what I will tell my children.


I am so angry. So fricken angry. I can’t even growl loud enough to reflect my anger. My jaws are so clenched right now. What I wouldn’t give for a beer. Am I allowed one? Just one. That’s all I need.


7 Responses

  1. I would love to see the facts and statistics that back up your assertions.
    Liberal policy is economically-ravaging our nation. I could be convinced to think otherwise if folks could prove drilling in Anwar would not help us. Just because Schumer and his ilk say otherwise, that isn’t enough for folks like me.

  2. And where are your facts that drilling in ANWAR will help us NOT get gouged at the pumps?

  3. Hows this for a fact:

    “March crude oil reserves in the U.S. were actually 2.4 million barrels higher than reserves in February and only a trifling 3.4% lower than reserves in March 2007, according to the Energy Information Administration. ”


    So regardless if we have the resources or NOT nothing is being done in this time of crisis for the american people.

  4. These stupid politicians lack the verisimilitude to even PRETEND they care about helping/fixing our country or have any respect for the American people.

    Throw the country a tiny “gas holiday” bone to distract them from the fact that the government isn’t coming up with a solution to the oil crisis. It’ll work! Jesus, am I the only person who is supremely insulted by this massive insult to our intelligence?

  5. And who is to blame for the situation we find ourselves in?

    The President? If so, which President(s)? The Environmentalist-pandering Congress? The ‘greedy Big Oil’ folks? OPEC? Speculators? Ethanol? Al Gore’s climate hysteria? U.N. countries trying for redistribution of American wealth? Car drivers?

    All of the above?

    My answer is: build more refineries and power plants, drill where necessary, and promote private inductry efforts to develop alternative/replacement energy sources.

    Cause until those alternatives are available to replace oil, we are dependent on it.

  6. We agree on one thing: Promoting efforts to develop alternative fuels. Who says Right and Left can’t meet at Center?

  7. Despite being quiet of late, I have to jump in here. I used to be an acquisitions editor for a large, international scientific publishing company. I was shocked again and again to hear my prospective and current authors and editors tell me that they COULDN’T research alternative energy because the government wouldn’t fund their research. And you know what, if the government doesn’t fund the research, then the the scientist can’t do the research. Period. That is the way the system has been set-up. So, yes, the government, both liberal and conservative, can do more…they can provide equal funds for research of fuels other than oil.

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