Lions and tigers and bears–well tigers at least

Last Sunday I took Jaden to the zoo with her aunt (my sister-in-law), her uncle (my brother-in-law) and their son (my nephew) and their friends and those friends’ daughter. Jaden’s the youngest and the other two are just over three years old. Oh the cutest that came about that day.

I made some discoveries about Jaden, namely she doesn’t like cows. She likes looking at pictures of cows but when it comes time to actually seeing cows, count her out. I don’t think she realized they were that big.

In no particular order, here’s Jaden’s Trip to the Zoo with Maddie and Will (Note Jaden’s “Bunny Ears”):

J and Maddie in front of the mosaic thing. Will, Maddie and Jaden on a tiger statue

Hello, Mr. Goat Will, Jaden and Maddie on a giant pig (statue) Who you calling \ Waiting for the wagon to take them back to the \ Too cold for outside animals Squishing Maddie

And right about there my camera crapped out. There are more pics on the more responsible moms’ cameras as they didn’t forget to charged their batteries. But you get the general idea: We got some cute kids. Oh and for those not from Minnesota, there is much more to the Minnesota Zoo than farm animals. It was their annual “Zoo Babies” exhibit where they bring out all the new spring babies so we went there first. I have no pictures of the cool animals from that day. Here, so you don’t think our zoo is completely lame:

It doesn’t have elephant babies but it’s a good little zoo. As far as caging up animals in fake habitats for our amusement goes. HA! I ruined zoos for you forever. Evil!


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