Guess who’s the third result under “Marcoda”

I googled Marcoda just now:

Marcoda’s Weblog

“Why the guessing game, Marcoda? It’s just a bunch of healthy snacks?” Because, bitches*, these items came from the brand new fridge that is right now – 42k
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2008 April 19 « Marcoda’s Weblog

Jaden’s Symphony #5 · The Fridge Saga Part IV of IV (unless this bastard breaks down too) · Bush Countdown: 277 days left · The Post In Which Marcoda Grows – 17k
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Turns out, yeah, I curse a lot.
I’m not nearly as popular when searching “Bush Countdown”. I gave up after looking through 120 of about 294,000. I ain’t that desperate for validation, people.

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