Weird dreams a go-go

Well, realy just the one because the one I had the night before was WAY too long and WAY too detailed but let’s say it involved our (old) house getting destroyed by a huge storm following a fire across the street, going to the grocery to load up on non-perishable food items to take with us on our government funded month long stay at some camp while we await transport to some other country in which to start our new lives. It was very Katrina only the government was actually helping us. Perhaps because we’re mid-western? I don’t know.

Anyway, last night’s dream was much shorter or maybe I just remember less because the part that stands out is so damn weird.

I don’t know the details but stuff happens that leads up to Jaden coming up to me saying she’s hungry. Or maybe she never actually told me she was hungry. Whether she did or not doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that just latched herself onto my right breast and started nursing. In my dream I thought it was a little strange since she hasn’t nursed since she was a baby but I figure, “eh, why not? It’ll help jump start my milk supply for the baby.” Just as I start to feel the milk coming in* my nipple falls off. Yup. Just comes right off. Kind of like it was just a weird sheild growth thing. And I thought, “well, shit! Now the baby can only nurse out of one side.” So I look at the nipple in my hand, examining it, and discover a weird little poky thing sticky out the underside. Kind of like a really sharp straw. Like that’s the part that actually kept my nipple attached and drew the milk out. I look back at my nipple-less breast and discover there is in fact still a nipple there it’s just very fragile and new skin like. I figure out I just need to build up a new shield for it and I don’t worry because I have 4 months until the baby comes and very dry skin.



*it’s a hard feeling to describe to anyone who hasn’t nursed. It’s like, ok, your breasts already have milk in them but once the baby actually starts sukling (what a cute word) milk suddenly start flowing like crazy down all your milk ducts and out the nipple creating a very full and flowing sort of feeling. That did nothing to clarify anything for you, did it?


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