The Fridge Saga: Part II of ? parts

This weekend kicked my preggie ass. Fridge shopping all day on Saturday followed by the zoo yesterday. What was I thinking? Oh right. We need refrigeration to survive in this modern age and it never hurts to have more pics of a 2 year old riding fake tigers. I’ll post those pics later.


But the fridge I can talk about now. Fricken fracken fridge. And as a side note: Appliance Smart can lick my swollen pregnant ass. We get there at noon on Saturday. Dear Husband walks around with the sales guy while Jaden leads me around the store and I teach her about turning left and right (“It’s not just for hands anymore!”). Sales Dude tells us they can deliver on Wednesday (as in 4 days with no working fridge after we told him we don’t have a working one.). We find a fridge that will work, they deny our financing. What?? We just bought a house. The fridge is $600! What do you mean no financing? Well, we need a friggen fridge so we had a quick discussion which involved borrowing money from Jaden’s savings and paying her back which is better than paying some stranger. So, I’m ready to write the check and dude tells us they can’t deliver until Friday. FRIDAY??? Matt had had enough at that point so we went to Home Depot.


Much better experience. Got a Home Depot credit card which offered 10% off plus 6 months no interest. They can’t deliver until Thursday which isn’t much better than Friday but the lady was much more helpful and we ended up spending more than we wanted but it’s a nicer fridge than the one at Appliance Smart, plus their delivery charge was less and rebatable PLUS we get a $75-$100 gift card from our purchase. Not sure if it’s $75 or $100. Lady said $75 but the little form thingie said our purchased qualified for the $100. Whatever. OH and the little connector kit thing for the water and ice dealie was $10 cheaper than the one at Appliance Fart (HA! You like that? That’s No Energy Preggie Humor right there.)

After all that we went to Target and got a new phone for our new landline (actually it came with three handsets so we can be all inter-officy and stuff and intercom eachother and transfer calls to different handsets. Oh and I set the ringer on one of the handsets to a really groovy midi verion of Fur Elise. Between that and our doorbell that plays “Hey hey the gang’s all here” we are the epitomy of suburban class. Just wait until the fourth of July when I can set the phone to the Star Spangled Banner and the door bell to some other patriotic song I can’t remember right now. Ho-ho! Watch out world! The Bingmars have arrived!) All said and done we didn’t get home until 4:30 and both husband and child were cranky. Husband took a nap, child didn’t. Oh well. At least husband woke up less cranky. I was ready to kick him outside to play in the snow (yes SNOW! on April 12.) Anyway…


Here’s the fridge:



 Well, I think it’s the fridge. Ok, it’s obviously a fridge but what I mean is I think it’s the one we ordered. It’s white and a side by side with a water and ice thingie. So it’s close enough.

Oh how we both can’t wait for this fridge. I went to have some ice cream yesterday after my post-zoo nap. It wasn’t ice cream. It wasn’t even a shake. It was a nasty melted shake I refused to eat. And since I’d promised Jaden ice cream after the nap I had to give her jelly beans instead. And then a cookie! (the poor deprived child) Well, she suggested the cookie and I couldn’t resist. Guilt is a powerful thing. I know the disappointment of food plans that fall through. But Dear Husband brought me home new ice cream. There wasn’t any carmel in it, but it did have pecans and was yummy non the less. And the inlaws brought over some fried chicken so we got to eat dinner. It was damn good too. Alas, we couldn’t keep the leftovers due to the giant worthless lump of metal and plastic currently taking up valuable realty in our kitchen. Fried chicken would’ve been yummy for lunch. Instead I’ll be getting a hotdog and nuking some of this generic EZ Mac stuff.

Where is that Prenatal Vitamin…?


4 Responses

  1. nice fridge…keep lots of ice cream tooth tingly, mind freezing cold for you 😀

  2. It freaking better!

  3. Ha! Appliance Fart! Oh, you showed them! 🙂

    Yay for the new fridge! It’s fancy too, with the ice and water dealie and whatnot. Very techy.

  4. And there’s a lock on the water/ice part so no worries about Jaden playing with the water. Which she would, the crazy ice loving duck.

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