Marcoda’s Post In Which She Discusses Music Like the Non-expert That She Is

For a change of pace, I thought I’d step away from the subjects of family and home even though I know you’re all beyond interested in the inner workings of my personal life. Today (well, this post) I’d like to cover Albums I CANNOT Get Tired of. I have a tendency to latch on to music. When I find something I like, I will listen to it over and over again (ie: last week I listened to Tenacious D’s “Wonderboy” no less that 8 times in a row before lunch and then again in the afternoon a few times and two more times on the ride home. H was then tortured for a week with me suddenly belting “WOOONDERB-OOOOOOY!” and “That’s telekinesis, Kyle.” at random.). You would think that eventually I’d get tired of these gems. I don’t. I may stop listening to them on repeat but I will pick them up again and will not skip tracks that come up on shuffle on ye olde ipod.


In alphabetical order (via my ipod), here are some albums I CANNOT get tired of. I’ve restricted the list to albums over 2 years old because “new” albums still retain their sheen and I could get tired of them at some point. Oh and I have to like at least half of the tracks.


Avril Lavigne: Let Go (It’s my guilty pleasure.)

The Beatles: All of them.

Beck: Sea Change

Ben Folds: Rockin the Suburbs

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Bloodhound Gang: One Fierce Beer Coaster

Cake: Prolonging the Magic

Coldplay: “Parachutes” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head”

The Cranberries: “Everyone Else is Doing it Why Can’t We?”

Damien Rice: “O” and “9”

Dido: “No Angel”

Eels: “Beautiful Freak” and “Daisies of the Galaxy”

Flaming Lips: “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”

Fountains of Wayne: “Fountains of Wayne” “Utopia Parkway” and a random selection from their other albums. They really can’t write a bad pop song.

Frou Frou: “Details”

Gorillaz: “Gorillaz”

Guster: “Keep It Together” (dear godz do I love this album)

Jem: “Finally Woken”

John Lennon: “Imagine”

The Killers: “Hot Fuss”

K’s Choice: “Paradise in Me”

Lady Sovereign “Vertically Challenged”

Led Zeppelin: “III” and “IV”

Lily Allen: “Alright, Still” (it will be two years old in July and I love it so I’m letting it in)

Muse: “Absolution”

Outkast: “Stankonia”

Portishead: “Dummy”

Postal Service: “Give Up”

Radiohead: All of them with the exception of Pablo Honey only because I’m just not familiar with it and can’t get into it. Oh and “In Rainbows” because for some reason it’s not playing on my ipod and I haven’t fixed it yet so I haven’t heard it yet other than random tracks that come up on Matt’s pod.


Slut: “All We Need is Silence”, “Lookbook”, “Nothing Will Go Wrong” and anything else they do. They also can do no wrong. But good luck finding their albums in the U.S. (Ha! One of my favorite tracks, “Universal” off “Nothing Will Go Wrong”, just came up on the pod.)


Snow Patrol: “Final Straw”

Something For Rockets: “Tragic City”

U2: “Joshua Tree”

Weezer: “Weezer”, “Pinkerton”


That’s the short list. (Ha!) I’m sure there are more that I can’t think of right now and there are also a ton of random songs by other artists that I CANNOT get tired of (Simon & Garfunkel’s  “The Only Living Boy in New York” being just one of them.) but that’s a list for another day.


So, what are your albums that you CANNOT get tired of?


6 Responses

  1. you asked for it!

    Green Day-All but mostly Dookie & Minority
    7 Year Bitch- Gato Negro
    Rage Against the Machine- Self Title
    Regina Spektor-Begin to Hope
    Shrek Soundtrack….but only when i am in the car with my kids….and most of the Kidz Bob albums too
    Screeching Weasel-Bark Like a Dog & Weasel Mania
    Staind-Dysfunction (dont hate)
    NOFX-Pump up the Valuum & Punk in Drublic
    Unwritten Law-All
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Ska-Core, The Devil & More
    Everclear-So Much for the Afterglow & Sparkle & Fade
    Korn-All (yes korn!)
    Seether- One Cold Night

    ok…i’ll stop there but i will add more since you asked when needed!

  2. Yum, good list! I stole your idea and posted my list over on my blog.

  3. Where do I begin…

    The Black Keys – Rubber Factory
    Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City
    Bloodhound Gang – One Fierce Beer Coaster and Hooray for Boobies
    Damien Rice – O
    eels – Beautiful Freak and Soul Jacker
    Ella Fitzgerald – The Complete Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Collection
    Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles
    Eminem – The Eminem Show
    The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    Fountains of Wayne – ALL ALBUMS
    G. Love & Special Sauce – G. Love & Special Sauce
    Gorillaz – Gorillaz & Demon Days
    Jurassic 5 – Quality Control
    Lali Puna – Scary World Theory
    The Notwist – Neon Golden
    Outkast – Stankonia
    Portishead – Dummy
    The Presidents of the United States of America – The Presidents of the United States of America
    Radiohead – The Bends – OK Computer – Kid A – In Rainbows
    Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire
    The Rentals – Seven More Minuets
    The Roots – Do You Want More- Things Fall Apart
    Slut – All Albums
    Soul Coughing – Irresistible Bliss & Ruby Vroom
    Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hot
    Sublime – Sublime
    Tapes N’ Tapes – The Loon
    Tool – Aenima
    U.N.K.L.E. – Psyence Fiction
    The Vines – Highly Evolved
    Violent Femmes – Add it Up
    Weezer – Weezer and Pinkerton

    And that’s just to name a few.

  4. I don’t listen to music. It’s of the devil.

  5. OH! I forgot about The Eminem Show! That’s on my list too.

  6. Ooooh…i am adding Soul Coughing and the Presidents….YAY

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