My Two Loves

1) I could eat an entire bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and not feel guilty. I will do this later today only with a slightly smaller “99 cent” version which is slightly bigger than the teaser bag I got from the vending machine yesterday and inhaled in 2 minutes on my way to pick up Jaden last night.

2) I realized something yesterday. I don’t miss working on the house. I miss my husband. He is my addiction. When he’s gone for extended periods of time, I feel lost and unfocused. His presence keeps me grounded and yet soaring at the same time. Not having him around for the past 5 days put me in a very down mood yesterday. Today I’m happy again. All because I got spend one delicious hour with him last night watching DVR’d episodes of the Big Bang Theory filled with playful banter back and forth. (Banter. What a fun word.) I fell asleep cuddled next to him with a smile on my face and sighs of contentment escaping my lips.

Only a few more days and we’ll be home. Together.


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