Anthropomorphize THIS!

I talked the other day about Jaden being a duck and me being mama duck and all the rest of the family members being the same only with “duck” slapped on the end. Much like the whole bear thing (which still pops up but only when she’s talking about Matt. He’s Papa Bear. Last night: “Where Papa Bear?” arms out to the side with the palms up in a, “Where the heck did I put that guy?” gesture.).

Yesterday morning she threw me for a loop. Mornings, in general, have gotten much smoother because I gently pick her up and say good morning nicely and she wakes up slower and much less cranky. Yesterday she greeted the morning thusly:

Me: “Good morning, Jaden.”

J: “I Baby Panet.” (eyes closed)

Me: “You’re Baby Planet?”

J: “Yeah.” (eyes still closed)

Me: “Are you awake, Baby Planet?” (just wanted to check if she was dreaming.)

J: “Yeah.” (eyes closed but starting to open slightly.)

And for the rest of the morning she was Baby Panet, I was Mommy Panet and Matt was Daddy Panet. (She still can’t say her L’s sometimes. Hmm…I wonder if “panet” is a word. Sounds French. Nope.)

Anyway, she was back to being a duck this morning. What’s cool about her imagination is that she won’t cross universes. Meaning this: If she’s a duck, we’re going to drive the duck car to Gramma Duck’s house (or Pond as it was today). If we’re in outer space, we’re going to count down and fly in the Space Ship to Gramma Rosie Panet. IF we start out as ducks but then she realizes that a space ship is WAY cooler than a duck car she’ll announce, “We not ducks anymore. We in a space ship. We going to Gamma Rosie Panet.”

I am immensely proud that she’s so logical about the whole thing.



She scared me for a second yesterday morning because she said something about cows and I thought my car had been invaded by cows (again). She informed me there were no cows in the car and I was being silly.

I begged her forgiveness. I’m still getting used to the farm animals that come and go.


The other night we were home and she was pushing herself around the kitchen floor on her back with her legs and swirling her arms around. “Jaden,” I said in a tired voice as it was approaching the end of a very long day, “please don’t shuffle around on the floor. It’s nasty.” (I’m all about playing on floors, just not floors that haven’t been swept in awhile and upon which a litter box resides.)

“I a sea turtle.”

That was a first and I just couldn’t argue with it.


She hasn’t let me put piggie tails in her hair for awhile. She doesn’t like them. She WILL however allow me to put in duck feathers:

piggie-tails-and-duck-feathers.jpg If anyone tells her she’s wearing pig tails, I will shove a real duck feather up their nose.


4 Responses

  1. Does she know that we’re going on a walk tonight?

  2. Oooh, you might have to remind me never to to mention pig tails in J’s vicinity. My entire nostril cavity and sinuses ache at the thought of a duck feather.

  3. if she has never seen this i bet she would love it…and the fact that it says “babies” means nada…ty loved this show until i lost it last year–pi-1954488.html

    For a little girl who loves farm animals…oooh you get to be a duck, cow and so much more! now i am gonna sing the duck song

    “I once knew a duck was a real good guy but he really couldn’t swim and he really couldn’t fly. He really couldn’t walk and he really couldn’t sing, he really couldn’t do much of anything. He went quack quack waddle waddle all day long, quack quack waddle waddle sing a duck song”

  4. What a great idea for a children’s book! A family of planets floating through space… they could encounter aliens and space ships and constellations (ok, so it may be a stretch scientifically…). It could be educational, talking about stars and space and whatnot, but at a level that kids could understand. And think of what cool illustrations there could be!!! J is a creative genius!

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